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Monthly Archive: May 2008

May 12

Can I reschedule Mother’s Day? Do I get a “do over”

Yesterday was just kind of crappy. Not entirely sure why…. it started out nice enough. Marc got up, made coffee, did the dishes, all of which was wonderful… then my mother in law cancelled coming over here for brunch. Which was good in a way, because then I could relax about cleaning up, but we …

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May 08

Almost there….

God, it’s been a long week. And this weekend is going to be absolute lunacy, not that most of our weekends are crazy, but this one is a little excessive. Tomorrow, I have to get up, grab all the library books (there are thousands) and the dry cleaning, drop off Jess at preschool, Marc and …

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May 06

I love Tuesdays

No real reasons, but it’s always been my favorite day of the week. I mean, Fridays are right up there too – but Tuesdays hold a special place in my heart. Marc first e-mailed me on a Tuesday 😉 Nothing really new or exciting going on… kids are both well and healthy. Jessie is growing …

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May 03

My baby lost her first teeth

Not her first tooth – her first teeth. She cut them at the same time and lost them at the same time. I still remember when I saw them for the first time and know that I’ll never forget when she lost them. Jessie had two loose teeth, and I figured I had a while …

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May 01

Sam’s newest thing

He shoves his finger in his nose and says wisely “Booooooooogie.” Ah – the moments that make a mother proud. Took everyone outside for a lovely walk and played bubbles and colors. Which is code for Sammy shoving the carriage around the driveway and Jessie blowing bubbles while Harrison clutches all the chalk he can …

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May 01

so so tired this morning

Probably due to a lack of coffee – but I’ve got my second one beside me and am optimistic about the future. Curious George is on in the living room, all three kids are lulled into contentment with television and cheerios. No major plans for today, it’s kind of chilly this morning, so I’ll put …

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