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Monthly Archive: September 2008

Sep 25


Jess and I went out to the library last night. We purposely split the kids up, Marc stayed home for quality time with the boy and I took my girl to the library. So we’re driving along and Jessie told me that she doesn’t like to call me Mommy or Mama any more. “That’s just …

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Sep 22

Sometimes it’s just so simple

I like Mondays. It’s such a good day now, one of my days off, now that Harrison is going to preschool, and after the hectic weekends, it’s nice to have one day when it’s calm and quiet and relaxing. Sam and I hang out, we talk, go for long walks, take naps, clean a lot, …

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Sep 12


Maybe I’m not cut out to have a million children. Because all the yelling and the screaming and the fighting and the stress in a tiny apartment makes me crazy. I know I have more patience with my two, because they are mine, I’m sort of biologically prone to not wanting to kill them, but …

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Sep 11


Finally heard from Jessie’s teacher. I say finally because my husband finally got around to giving her the note I so painstakingly wrote three days ago – and she says that Jessica Mary is adjusting beautifully, participating in class, following directions, and completing assignments. I feel so much better – so much more relaxed about …

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Sep 10

I just want a day off

She’s been going to school for a grand total of five full days and already – she’s had enough. She’s done… yesterday I dropped her off (usually Marc does it) and she was clingy and weepy when it was time to go inside. Today, she was flat out hysterical before I even got her out …

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Sep 06

All is well in my little world

Marc’s working today. On a Saturday. And I’m a little bitter, I miss him, my kids miss him, it feels as though we are being gipped (gypped??) in a major way. Especially (and I don’t mean to get all religious on you) because it’s Shabbos and that’s gradually become the highlight of my week. Friday, …

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Sep 03

I’m lonely

I know it’s not a popular thing to say – and I know that I’m happily married, with two healthy children and that I should count my blessings. But dammit, I’m just flat out lonely. I don’t have anyone to TALK to – not about converting to Judaism, not about this whole new weird conservative …

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