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Monthly Archive: July 2017

Jul 20

Mid to late summer update

It’s been a summer.  A good summer, in a lot of ways.  Sam is SO much better, and we’ve been able to do a lot more.  Everything came screeching to a halt last Thursday when we had to put Lucky to sleep. We’ve regressed to where we were last summer.  Part of is that it’s …

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Jul 18

It’s been less than a week

Less than a week. We’re adjusting to the loss of Lucky.  It’s hard.  Jessie and Julie are grieving in easier ways, if that makes sense.  They get sad, they talk about it, they move on. Sam’s stopped sleeping at night.  His appetite is off. The not sleeping at night thing is the hardest to deal …

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Jul 16

At the mid-way point

We’re not done with childrearing.  Obviously.  With a seven year old, we’ve got at least another eleven years before she ships out for college. But we’re at the point where our kids are becoming adults.  With Lilli heading off to college this fall, Sarah going into her junior year and Jessie starting high school, our …

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Jul 15

Lucky died

It was very sudden, and we’re all still in shock. He got sick on the way home from Hermit Island, and seemed to be getting better the next day.  But by Thursday morning, he was non responsive, and by the time I got to the vet’s office, he had slipped into a coma. We’re all so …

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Jul 07

I’m either wicked good at this or a miserable failure

Parenting a kid with a disability is so much harder than I think it will be.  And in some ways, it’s easier than I anticipated.  I’m always aware of how lucky we are – that the accident only damaged his eyesight.   An inch higher and his face would have been so much more hurt. …

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Jul 06

Happy birthday to my Sammy

He’s my baby, my boy.  And he’s eleven years old today. I find myself struggling for words.  The accident dominates everything, still.  I try to put it in some sort of perspective, and see it as part of the process.  It’s just one more detail in your life Things will be harder for him in a …

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