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Monthly Archive: January 2021

Jan 30


When I look back, I don’t think my forties will be one of my favorite decades. I mean, on a spectrum, and with the caveat that I love my life, I’d have to rank my 40s as not the best. Not second best either. Maybe third. Overall. I didn’t enjoy my first decade, at all. …

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Jan 22


Julie starts school next week. TECCA, so it’s online school, but she’ll be officially enrolled in public school as of 1/27. Homeschooling did not work well for Jules. She learned a lot, but it was definitely a lot harder than I think either of us anticipated it would be. For one thing – she really, …

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Jan 15


So this is where we are. I press tofu now. For fun. It’s legit fun, I genuinely enjoy slicing tofu for some reason. Julie is a vegetarian. She’ll still eat fish, for the next little while, so she’s technically a pescatarian, but plans on phasing that out by her birthday. She very quietly just made …

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Jan 13

January Updates

All is well. Really. We’re all still healthy – which is the main thing. But there are, as always, minor irritations and challenges that pop up. The biggest issue for me, right now, is Sam’s allergies. He’s been throwing up a lot lately, with an irritated sore throat and bloody noses. I’m 99% the problem …

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