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Oct 12


Jess wanted a sleepover this weekend, so Saturday night, I invited my old neighbor Glennys to spend the night. We first met Annie and John (Glenny’s parents) when we moved into the apartment below them just before Sam was born. Gradually, Glennys came to be just another member of our family – in fact, I believe that Sam thinks she is his sister. She’s six months younger than Sarah and almost exactly a year older than Miss Jess – and from the very beginning, Jess and Glennys were bestest friends.

Saturday night, we went to a party at the synagogue for Simchat Torah, and when we came home, Marc put the girls to bed in Jessie’s bedroom. They wore matching jammies, heard two stories read to them, and then (this was so cute), I told them to whisper to each other until they fell asleep. It was hard, because I kept wanting to go in and yell at them to go to sleep, but by quarter of ten, the whispers had quieted down, and they both slept great. It was Jessie’s first real big girl sleepover – when it was just the two of them, alone in her bedroom, one on the top bunk and one on the bottom, whispering secrets and telling stories to each other until they drifted off to sleep.

They had so much fun, they did it again last night at Annie’s house 🙂

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