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Feb 10

You know how some mornings, you just can’t do it?

Just can’t get motivated? No matter how much coffee you drink, no matter how many favorite shirts you put on, how high you pull up the ponytail? I’m exhausted – and there’s no real reason. Other than the fact that I’ve decided against going to bed at a normal hour – it used to be that Marc stayed up later to bring Jess to the potty, and I’d go to bed around nine thirty or ten. But he’s been bailing out lately, so I’m sitting up to take her to the bathroom (which totally isn’t working, as I’m washing her bedding for the second morning in a row). The weather is still crappy – all icy and overcast, so that’s not helping… and Sam is so grubby that I HAVE to toss him in the tub. And you know that’s not going to go well… Why does the child hate baths so much? What’s up with that?

Jess danced off to school happily enough – she’s so cute. I feel guilty, she got so many new toys for her birthday, I didn’t realize how much she did NOT play with her old toys. She must have somehow outgrown figurines and dollhouses when I wasn’t paying attention – because now that she’s got a thousand Barbies, she’s back to playing in her room by herself for hours. She’s reading too – she still needs me to sit beside her and help her sound out the words, but she’s doing 90% of it herself.

What a boring post… I’m in a boring mood… but I’m on the third cup of coffee, and who knows? It could suddenly get much better.

Sam’s favorite song just came on the Disney Channel. That’s what I mean – it was so cute – he screamed “MY SONG!” and is now in there warbling “We break it, We Fix It.” Now I’m having a good day 🙂

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