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Monthly Archive: March 2014

Mar 31

It’s allergies. I swear.

I’ve got a stupid, stupid cold.  I hate being sick, and don’t have time to get sick.  Not until maybe on Wednesday, but even then, it’s not ideal.  Tomorrow, I have to get Jessie and Sam to school, Julie to preschool, doctor’s appt at 10, pick up Jules at 11:30, run Marc home so he …

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Mar 29

Passover Prep

Passover is just a few weeks away, and we’re starting to get ready. We celebrate both Passover and Easter in our family, although Easter is celebrated as a secular holiday, and more of a nice compliment to the Passover celebration. While the December Dilemma Debacle is something we struggle with every winter, the Spring version …

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Mar 28

Flashback Friday

A repost from a few years ago, and I think it’s worth repeating now and again.  It’s so easy to judge, and to assume that you’d do better, but until it’s your child, you honestly have no idea how you’d respond.  And wouldn’t it be easier for all of us if we tried harder to …

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Mar 25

I don’t need to be holded….

Julianna wants a baby.  A baby girl, specifically, and she’d like it now. She had suggested that we get a baby last week.  Because, after all, we don’t have one.  And she loves babies.  I was mildly amused, and kind of brushed it off.  But this afternoon, she really stepped up the intensity on the …

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Mar 21

The perks of antisocial children

Not that my kids are anti-social.  They aren’t.  They just aren’t party people, in a lot of ways.  And I’m generalizing – because each one is different, but as a group – big loud parties with lots of strangers are not their cups of tea.  Jessie is pretty relaxed, and after four hours or so, …

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Mar 21

Interfaith and why it matters to me

According to most definitions, I’m not in an interfaith marriage.  I’ve converted to Judaism, and it’s the only religion practiced in our home.  We are a religious family, as well as spiritual (and I think there is a difference).   We come from different backgrounds, my husband and I.  On almost every level, we’re total …

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Mar 21

Small Snippets Update

Much, much going on these days, and alas, I’m a crappy blogger.  Sometimes it’s really easy to get lost in the chaos, with everyone running around and so much going on all the time… Everyone is still asleep (and by everyone, I mean Marc, Julie, and my aunt Aimee, who’s staying with us for a …

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Mar 20

It gets different when they get older

My kids are growing up.  Which is obvious, and kind of the whole point of it, but still – I find myself realizing over and over again how DIFFERENT things are now. Case in point – Purim.  Judaism has a lot of holidays, and Purim has always been my least favorite.  For a whole host …

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Mar 14

A Day In The Life

6:55 a.m. – woke up late.  I always wake up around six thirty, which gives me thirty extra minutes before I have to haul the kids out of bed.  Yesterday was kind of the day from hell, resulting in a pretty major migraine, so I had taken two benedryl before bed to make sure that …

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Mar 10

My Sammy

I was shocked when Sam was born, and confused.  We hadn’t found out before he was born, if he was going to be a boy or a girl, but secretly, I was certain he was a she.  I had already done this once, and had a girl.  Marc had two girls from his first marriage. …

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