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Sep 02

I am a runner

It because clear to me today that I must take up running.


We took Lizzie for her first long walk today – and it turns out that she really likes running.  Like, a lot.

So, a runner I shall be.

I dug out my old sports bra (leading Jessie to gesture confusedly at me, saying “it’s just so much Mama everywhere”) and yanked on some old shorts.  I hooked up my little dog and fished out the headphones that I bought for Sam.  Off we went.

Only when I run, the left headphone keeps popping out of my ear.  Not to be deterred, I tucked it into my bra (where my phone was already hanging).  On I ran.  Well, walked mostly, but I ran periodically.

Then the poor dog had diarrhea.  You really can’t, in good conscious, take a dog with diarrhea running.  So we ambled back.  Slowly.

I’ll try again next weekend.  No need to rush into my new life as ATHLETE.



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