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Mar 14

A Day In The Life

6:55 a.m. – woke up late.  I always wake up around six thirty, which gives me thirty extra minutes before I have to haul the kids out of bed.  Yesterday was kind of the day from hell, resulting in a pretty major migraine, so I had taken two benedryl before bed to make sure that I slept.  Which I did.  Twenty five minutes later than I should have.

7:10 a.m. – took me that long to really believe that I HAD to get up.  Marc worked last night until after ten thirty, so I was going to let him sleep in.   I poked Sammy awake, and put on Big Bang Theory (trickily fast forwarding ten minutes so it would still end by seven thirty).  Woke up Jessie and started packing lunches.

7:35 – commence hollering at children.  Sam has decided that he should get dressed under the covers every morning.  Which is charming and cute, but not when we have to actually go anywhere.

7:45 – Julianna woke up, and decided that she should come with us for the ride, instead of staying at home with dozing Marc.

8:00 – I finally get out the door.  Minor crisis over finding mittens for Jessie, and I ended up whipping the covers off and dressing Sam super fast so we could get out on time.  Julie went in her jammies, but I had all the lunch boxes, and backpacks and kids in the car.  And even got them to school a little early.

8:30 – I get home, and Julie started whining.  Apparently there was a Purim costume parade at her preschool today, and she had to go.  Of course.  I called to double check, hoping it would be later on in the day – but it started at nine thirty.  I choke down a quick second cup of coffee (having forgotten the first one half way thru earlier) and took two more motrin.  Dressed Julie up as Princess Sophia and headed to the JCC.

9:30 – March in the parade.  Yes, I was the only parent marching, and yes, I felt ridiculous.  But once we got there, it was clear that Julie wasn’t going to participate unless I was with her.  Her teachers suggest that perhaps we don’t have Marc come in on swim days to swim with the kids (he had talked about going in next week) because Julie is so… just clingy and shy if we’re there.  When we’re there, she won’t let go (which is why I was marching with 3000 little kids in the parade).  But when we leave her there, she’s totally comfortable and fine.  I spend the rest of the morning trying to figure out if I should leave her more often (so she gets used to it) or leave her less often (so she doesn’t feel like she needs to cling desperately).

10:30 – Get back home, eat some cereal, feed the kid, get back in the car.

11:40 – Drop Marc off for a doctor’s appointment, and go grocery shopping.  Julie likes to hang out in the carriage, and chats away with herself the whole time we’re there.  Clutching her little bear.

1:00 – Pick Marc up from doctors, go home because he forgot the lunch he packed for himself, get gas, drop him off at Home Depot.

1:45 – Leave Home Depot in Shrewsbury, where Marc works, and head back to Flagg Street School.  Did I mention that the entire time we’re in the car, I’m listening to the soundtrack to Sophia the First?  It’s a change from the Frozen soundtrack, which has been on auto repeat for the past few weeks.

2:25 – Go stand outside, shivering, to pick up kids.  Julie begs me to hold her, because she’s frozen solid.  I do, because body heat helps.  Pick up Jessie, Sam and Jordyn.

3:00 – Make it home, yelling at everyone, especially Julie because she’s incessantly fussing.  Decide ice cream for everyone.  Make big pot of coffee.  Take more advil.

4:00 – Reading for a half hour, ice cream and motrin helps with the headache, and I start cleaning and cooking.

5:00 – Feed kids cheesy breadsticks and marinara sauce for dinner.  Sort of like a deconstructed pizza.   I put Julie in her pjs for the night, optimistically thinking she’ll fall asleep early.  She doesn’t.

5:45 – Pack all children in the car, and head over to meet Arlen, drop off Jordyn, and deliver Jessie to her girl scout event

7:00 – Make it back home.  Clean a little more, do a little blogging.

Still on the To Do List:

8:00 – Put Julie to sleep.  Because she needs it.  Desperately.

9:00 – Make sure Sam is ready for bed, warm jammies.

9:45 – Pack two kids in the car with blankets and pillows.  Make sure I’ve got a book.

10:15 – Pick up Jessie at girl scout event.

10:30 – Pick Marc up at work.  Hopefully he’ll get out in time.  If not, book will come in handy.

11:00 (if I’m lucky) – arrive home, Marc’ll lug the big kids inside, and I’ll haul Julianna in.


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