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Mar 21

Small Snippets Update

Much, much going on these days, and alas, I’m a crappy blogger.  Sometimes it’s really easy to get lost in the chaos, with everyone running around and so much going on all the time… Everyone is still asleep (and by everyone, I mean Marc, Julie, and my aunt Aimee, who’s staying with us for a few days).  And I sincerely wish that I was as well, but have armed myself with a cup of coffee and am hoping for the best.

– I let Julie sleep in this morning.  She’s got preschool, but she’s been operating at a sleep deficit since last weekend.  And she needs sleep more than she needs preschool today.  I just heard her bedroom door creep open, so I think her sleep time is over, but she got an extra hour and a half of sleep, so I’m still going to count it as a win.  She’s doing so much better in preschool.  She’ll be going again next year, and then the year after that, she’ll head off to kindergarten (sob).

– Jessie has MCAS this week, and she’s been totally stressed.  The challenge with  my Jess is that she’s does so many things so well, but she puts this huge expectations on herself and doesn’t talk about it or ask for help.  And unless I’m paying attention, it’s really easy to think that she’s got no problems at all, until she crumbles or melts down.  Then it all comes pouring out.  The poor kid had a paper that needed to be typed earlier this week, and instead of asking me to type it, she typed it all into her little kindle keyboard (which had to have taken forever) and then tried to email it to my mother to print it.    She ended up losing the document in email netherland, and then went to school without it and tried to explain that she’d get it and bring it on Thursday.  And of course, that wasn’t okay with her art teacher, who promptly deducted ten points from my poor kid and demanded that it be there first thing tomorrow morning or she’d lose another ten points.  Poor Jessie was so stressed, between the MCAS (which are elevated to such a level of importance) and the prospect of failing ART of all things… It’s so hard, because she does handle so much, so well, and without a lot of oversight on my part – but when she gets stuck, her instinct is to continue to handle it and not ask for help.   She’s so grown up and gorgeous – it’s hard to walk that line between letting her go and trying to help her.

– Sam was increasingly shaggy and desperately needed a haircut.  But he didn’t want one, and it kept growing and growing.  It had reached the point where it was just silly, it was so long that it was in his eyes and long enough to drive me nuts, so I seriously started pushing the idea of a haircut.  He agreed, and even said that he’d go to a barber shop to get it done.  Up until this point, Sam’s haircuts were always done at home, with Marc’s little clipper things.  So the other day, we went to get his hair cut, he walked into the barber shop, turned around and walked back out.  I ended up cutting his hair at home (please don’t kill me Mandi), and I think it looks lovely.  Fortunately, he’s such a good looking kid that even an uneven haircut looks good on him.  At least that’s what I’m telling myself….

– In other news… spring is finally here, and I couldn’t be happier (and I’m blithely ignoring the fact that temps are going to drop back to single digits this weekend).  We’re busy starting to think about Jessie’s bat mitzvah next year, and realized yesterday that her bat mitzvah is two days after Purim.   Not sure if I should change the date or not…

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