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Monthly Archive: June 2013

Jun 28

Summer Vacation and Toddler Teething

I like summer.  Barring a few wretched hours on the first day of vacation, this is just lovely.  The kids are mostly all playing together happily.  I’ve generally got a few extra kids here – we’re the house where everyone congregates.  I’ve got ten year olds in Jessie’s room, watching Dance Moms and working on …

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Jun 27

Growing Up

Last night, Jessie and I had a fight.  Which is somewhat unusual, because we don’t generally do that.  Not that we never clash, but it’s not generally a “fight” exactly.  But last night, she was just flat out furious with me.  It’s not unusual for her to get mad at me, because that happens.  She’s …

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Jun 25

Why I Love Flagg Street Elementary School

I like the thought of homeschooling and will probably end up exploring it more seriously as the kids get older. But Flagg Street Elementary School, where both of my older two attend, and my youngest will start in 2015, is home for us right now and I couldn’t be happier. Jessica Mary is entering fifth …

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Jun 20

Blood work

Poor Jessie needed to have some tests run yesterday.  She’s had this knee pain that’s been getting progressively worse over the past three weeks, and the doctor wanted to rule out an infection.  I had gone to the doctor’s with all three kids, a big purse, a travel mug of coffee and a migraine. We …

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Jun 19

Much, much to discuss

I have many blog posts percolating and very little time to get them all out.  It’s the last week of school, and I feel like I need about four extra hands and hours in the day to accomplish everything.  But I’m still here, wading my thru the swamp of househunting and home inspections and missing …

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Jun 13


Okay, I admit it.  I don’t like forts.  I don’t like building them, and I don’t like it when they get built.  I like to think I’m a cool mom, but forts are my downfall. I let them build them.  Because that’s what one does when you have six kids here on a rainy Thursday …

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Jun 10

I’m a pout pout fish

I just got back from Sam’s end of the year celebration, and I cried thru most of it.  His little class, filled with his best friends, the boys that have formed such a big part of his identity, the girls who fluttered around him when he cried because he missed me, this little group of …

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Jun 09

Becoming Jewish – the book

It’s estimated that nearly half of all Jewish marriages are ones in which one member of the couple is not Jewish.  While this raises all sorts of questions about the future survival of the Jewish people, what interested me most is the questions that were more personal in nature.  What does a marriage between people …

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Jun 09

Sundays and Summer

It’s first thing in the morning, and the birds and I are the only ones up. I like mornings like this, when the whole day is stretching out in front of me, and it appears as though I’ve got all the time in the world to get everything done. So much of the time, lately, …

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Jun 07

Serenity Reigns

I’m better.  Julie ended up crying herself to sleep (because really, sometimes you just have to let them go.  I don’t advocate CIO for infants or babies, or really, for toddler you can actually console, but that girl had reached the point where she was lying on the floor sobbing and yelling for me to …

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