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Jun 19

Much, much to discuss

I have many blog posts percolating and very little time to get them all out.  It’s the last week of school, and I feel like I need about four extra hands and hours in the day to accomplish everything.  But I’m still here, wading my thru the swamp of househunting and home inspections and missing electrical pipes and ancient radiant heat.  Sam’s got some administrative issues around transitioning to first grade, involving an adjustment counselor that appears to seriously not like him (Sam called him an idiot at one point, and I’m pretty sure he holds a grudge), and Jessie’s got a knee injury that’s taking up a lot of time.   We had a  really awesome Father’s Day weekend, involving a trip to the drive-in and Dairy Queen and then a lovely day spent visiting grandfathers and then wandering around the Clinton Dam.

We have found a house we like, but it’s a short sale, and has myriad potential problems.  Not enough to have us walk away, but enough make us pause and think.  Then the house that we LOVED, in the dream location came back on the market and now we’ll all befuddled and confused.  I hate house hunting.  I just keep clinging to the thought of Sammy and his little dog, and Jessie decorating her own room, and Julianna playing on her “playground” in the backyard.  We’ll get there, I just need to keep my eye on the prize, so to speak, and not lose my mind in the details and stress around finding a house.

Sam’s going to be fine.  I’m careful about what I share on line about my very private boy, but I will say that Mrs. Gravel from Flagg Street School is a goddess and I will never, ever be able to thank her enough for all that she does.  And Mrs. Brothers is also hugely supportive and welcoming for my boy, and doing all she can to ensure that he’s as successful as possible next year.

And my Jessie – oh my Jessie.  She’s got some sort of knee injury.  Sprained ligaments, but we don’t know when it happened.  Probably about two weeks ago, and it just got progressively worse. I brought her into the pediatrician’s on Father’s Day, and she’s on a brace, but she’s in a lot of pain.  It seems to be getting worse, and not better.  But how much of it is that she’s focusing on it now, and the brace is bugging her?  How much of it is actual pain and how much of it is just frustration and drama?  I don’t know… but I called the pediatrician again today and we’re going in for another check this afternoon.  My fear is that they’re going to put her on crutches, so that she’s completely not using the knee so that it’ll really heal, and if I thought she was miserable with a brace… I can’t even imagine the depths of misery she’ll reach with those.

The realtor just called and we can get in to see dream house this morning.  So we’re off.  Again.  For more house hunting.  This one is walking distance to Lilli and Sarah, which would be so ideal.  Especially as they get older, the easier we can make it for them to be able to come over and see us, the better.  So cross your fingers for us, okay?


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