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Jun 28

Summer Vacation and Toddler Teething

I like summer.  Barring a few wretched hours on the first day of vacation, this is just lovely.  The kids are mostly all playing together happily.  I’ve generally got a few extra kids here – we’re the house where everyone congregates.  I’ve got ten year olds in Jessie’s room, watching Dance Moms and working on a menu for the J Cafe (that’s the name of the restaurant Jessie’s convinced she’ll be opening as an adult), six year olds in the living room, battling out with army guys and superhero figurines in the living room, and a toddler bopping around, getting in everyone’s way and insisting that she’s a part of it all.

Julie is still teething – and last night, we had a battle royale over taking motrin.  My other two kids were always delighted to take a little pain relief, in fact, Jessie used to love to just carry around an empty tylenol dropper when she was Julie’s age.   And Sammy never blinked about taking meds.  I always thought parents who couldn’t get their kids to take medicine were wimps.  Which is why one should not judge – because then I had Julianna.  She hates medicine, all kinds, all types.  Fortunately, she’s an uncommonly healthy kid and has only ever needed occasional pain relief for teething.  I don’t even think she’s ever had a bad cold, now that I’m thinking of it.  Which is another plug for extended breastfeeding.

She screamed and sobbed at the prospect of taking motrin last night, but I knew she needed it, and finally after trying for ten minutes to reason her into it (I recognize the futility of trying to rationally argue with a toddler, but still, I keep trying), I held her down and made her take it.  Slowly, so she didn’t throw it back up at me – but she eventually did get the whole teaspoon full down and slept much better as a result.  Win one for Mama.

It’s a rainy day today, which bodes well for my laissez-faire gardening experiment.   I’m baking and puttering today, my sister Karen is coming in from Hawaii, so we’ll be down there this weekend visiting her.  I’m also obsessively checking my email for some news on a house – with any luck, I’ll have some seriously good news to share soon.

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