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Jun 20

Blood work

Poor Jessie needed to have some tests run yesterday.  She’s had this knee pain that’s been getting progressively worse over the past three weeks, and the doctor wanted to rule out an infection.  I had gone to the doctor’s with all three kids, a big purse, a travel mug of coffee and a migraine.

We got into the exam room, and things were going well.  I pointed out that behind the exam table was a little spot, perfect for kids to hide in, and Sam and Julie quickly made up some sort of game involving rain and thunder and having to hide quickly for shelter.  The doctor came in, did an exam and talked to both of us, and then… Jessie realized that these tests that she was talking about involved blood work.

All hell broke loose.  She started screaming, sobbing, shaking, begging me to please, please not make her do it.  I handed the poor six year old all my stuff, told him he had to be very grown up and help me with Julie, and then I tried to get thru to poor Jess.  She couldn’t even hear me, let alone get a grip on the hysteria.

I wrestled her out of the exam room, thru the lobby, out into the hall.  We made it to the elevator, me, screaming hot mess Jessie, poor Sam, lugging my huge bag and my coffee, and little confused, bewildered and slightly freaked out Julianna Ruth.  The elevator ride down took several years, and the screaming picked up in intensity as the doors opened.

Everyone in the lab looked at us.  Sam took Julie over to the corner so they could sit on the chairs (and presumably finish the game from upstairs, because they promptly climbed under the chairs).  I couldn’t hear anything over Jessie.  She was biting her knuckles so hard I was afraid she’d draw blood, and shaking and sobbing and begging.  Assuring me that she was FINE, she didn’t need to have any blood taken, her knee didn’t hurt AT ALL anymore.  It took three lab techs to draw her blood.   In addition to me, because I had her on my lap, with my arms and legs wrapped around her.  With poor Sam, lugging everything, and Julie, staring at us with huge terrified eyes.

When it was finally done, I started crying, just out of sheer relief.

God help this child if she actually does have an infection – because the treatment they mentioned was poking a needle into her knee and draining it.  I’m going to look into a tranquilizer for both of us if that happens.

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