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Monthly Archive: May 2013

May 11

Playdate with Grammy

I’m consistently surprised by my youngest daughter.  On a spectrum, she’s far and away better at separating from me.  And that always catches me off guard.  It’s so EASY to drop her off.  She kisses me goodbye and its FINE. Jessie would be a bit weepy at her age.  She’d be okay, she always settled …

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May 08

This is really hard sometimes

I had a hard day yesterday.  Not cripplingly hard, but just harried and rushed.  I’m not used to being on the go all the time, I’m usually at home during the day.  And while it shouldn’t make a huge difference, the fact that I was out and about all day, running errands and going to …

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May 05

Birthday parties thru the years

This is not my first time around the merry go round.   Today was my third third birthday party.  And poor Julie – I promise that I don’t constantly compare you to your siblings, although it seems as though I do in this blog.  But it’s more that here is where I come to be …

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May 02

Discipline – and why I don’t like to talk about it

There was an article – http://www.telegram.com/article/20130430/NEWS/130429640&nocache=1 published the other day in the paper that brought up some interesting points. I’m not pro-spanking either, but I hated that article. I think that it was condescending and really talked down to parents. Normal parents don’t hate their children and hit them for fun, and they don’t do it …

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May 02

Why I’d marry him all over again

Relationships are complicated.  And there’s really no way to figure out what ties people together.  Children and bank accounts, shared responsibilities and obligations.  One thing I never doubt with Marc is that the two of us are a team, a partnership, working together towards the same goals.  It’s been an absolute, undeniable reality from the …

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