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Monthly Archive: December 2011

Dec 27

Kid Update – 15 random facts about Jessica

1 – She consistently self identifies as the “middle child,” despite the fact that in reality, 90% of her time is spent as the oldest of three. 2 – She dotes on her baby sister, but seems firmly convinced that her little brother is out to get her. 3 – She really likes reading, but …

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Dec 23

Forays into homelessness

We were technically homeless.  We weren’t living on the street, thank goodness, and have a strong safety net of friends and family who were all very helpful and loving and thank goodness for wonderful friends who housed us and made us feel welcome and loved.  But the facts are that, for a month, my husband, …

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Dec 12

Crisis of faith

I have a hard time articulating my spiritual beliefs.  Actually, I don’t know that it’s a hard time articulating it, more it’s a hard time understanding them.   I’m Jewish – of that, I’m certain.  I believe in a divine presence, and I believe that it’s benevolent.  I believe in free will.  I also believe in destiny, …

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Dec 07

Sorry for the hiatus…

But I’m realizing that I blog when I’m happy – and when I’m really struggling emotionally, I’m not much in the mood to write about it. So after having our feet kicked out from underneath us, and being basically evicted on three weeks notice, we were unable to find an apartment quickly enough.  We met …

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Dec 01

It’s official – I’m crap at packing

We’re moving into a friend’s house for a month – because the apartment we want isn’t ready yet.  It’s insanely frustrating, because we’re putting stuff into storage and it’s just messy and yucky and I hate every last little bit of it.