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Monthly Archive: February 2014

Feb 27

A Good Jew

I’m Jewish.  I formally converted almost five years ago, under a Conservative rabbi and before a Conservative Beit Din.  I studied for almost a year, and that was after close to seven years of independent study on my own.  I’m an active member of the synagogue, President of the Sisterhood, an accomplished chicken soup with …

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Feb 25

Awards :-)

My friend Chris from http://chriselmes2.wordpress.com/ nominated me for two blog awards.  First of all, you should totally check out her blog, because it’s lovely.  And second – thank you so much Chris, for the nominations 🙂 Starting with the ABC award – the rules are as follows: Download the award logo and add it to your acceptance …

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Feb 21

Parenting Fails

I’m not the parent I thought I’d be.  I had big plans, BIG plans before having kids.   I was going to be endlessly patient, I wasn’t ever going to yell.  I wouldn’t swear under my breath (on a good day).  My kids would be HAPPY.   They would be well adjusted, content.  Polite, confident. …

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Feb 16


I have three kids.  Sam has never, ever been hurt or injured, with the exception of a concussion when Jessie accidentally shut his head in the car door.  Julianna has never ever been hurt or injured.  Neither one has ever been sick enough to require an antibiotic, other than Julianna’s horrible, horrible thrush infection when …

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Feb 13

This is what 12 years of marriage looks like

It’s not always sleeping in the same bed – partly because our kids love to fall asleep next to us, and partly because we’re so damn tired all the time that sometimes we fall asleep before they do, and then the other one just sleeps in a different bed. It’s Marc making the pot of …

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Feb 12

Trip to the mall

We have a tradition in our family – the birthday girl/boy gets to choose the restaurant for the birthday dinner.  For the past several years, Jessie has chosen the food court at the mall as her favorite restaurant.  Neither Marc nor I like to shop, and it’s not unusual for months to go by and …

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Feb 11

Nothing starts the day like a puking boy

(One of my favorite pics of Sammy – when he was feeling a whole lot better than today) Marc had to work this morning at six.   I stumbled out of bed, only to find the boy child on the couch.    Never a good sign, and it got worse when he ran for the …

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Feb 06

My Jessie

I always wanted a daughter.  I suppose it’s only natural, I am one, after all.  And I was going to name her Jessica Mary from the time I was her age now.  She was going to be beautiful, with big brown eyes and soft brown curls.  I dreamed of baking cookies with her, watching her …

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Feb 05

Snowmen, sledding and why I really wish I liked winter

  I don’t like winter.  I don’t like being cold, being wet or shoveling.  I dislike winter coats, hats make my hair fuzzy and I can’t ever find my gloves. And my poor kids pay the price.  Because I hated sledding, I’ve never taken them.  My dominant sledding memories are walking all the way up …

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Feb 04

Discipline – and why I think it has enormous value

MassMoms.com posted a link on their facebook page to an article that really made me think.  The premise of the article is that everything we think we know about discipline is wrong, and that only by setting a good example, by exhibiting self control and self discipline, we set an example that our children will …

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