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Monthly Archive: August 2015

Aug 28


Do I really have to send them to school again? This is a short week, school started on Wednesday, and the idea of hauling them all up again and packing lunches… it’s more than I can handle on only one cup of coffee. Thus far, this school year isn’t off to a rocking start.  Sammy …

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Aug 24


Jessie is short.  It’s been an established fact of her existence for a couple of years now – with her older sisters towering over her.  Glennys was the same way – we’d have these four girls bouncing around the house, and three of them were super tall, and one was adorably… not tall. She didn’t …

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Aug 21


I was reading to Julie last night, and she had chosen a book called My First Day at School by Nancy Skarmeas.  It’s a perfectly lovely book, about a little boy who’s scared to start kindergarten, and (surprise, surprise) ends up really liking it. I literally had to work at not sobbing in the middle of …

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Aug 19

Favorite moments from Summer 2015

It’s been a season of transition and growth around here at the Cohen household.  Between Marc starting his new job officially (moving from the four month intern process to full blown insurance dude) and me going back to work after more than a decade at home, there were huge sweeping changes about how we live …

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Aug 17

Family Dinners

After doing this parenting gig for almost 13 years, there were two big areas where I was pretty much a dismal failure, at least according to the currently accepted wisdom.  I was utter crap at bedtime and family meals. I’m a co-sleeper from way back, and with the exception of when I just had Jessie, …

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Aug 06

I miss them

This has been a tough summer in a lot of ways.  Going back to work is such a big adjustment, and while I’m so grateful for my job, it’s been a struggle to adjust to not being at home all the time. I think it’s mainly because it’s summer.  During the school year, my job …

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