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Monthly Archive: March 2020

Mar 31

I’m not handling this well

Just so we’re clear – I am not rising to the challenge. I’m frustrated, scared, near tears a lot of the time, and fighting with everyone. Except Sam, because it’s really hard to fight with a kid who steadfast refuses to ask me for anything that might stress me out. Not that I’m saying that’s …

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Mar 28

Merry Sunshine

All is not delightful this morning. Don’t get me wrong, it’s entirely my fault. Although I think if Lizzie would EAT HER STUPID MEATBALLS I’d feel better about a lot of things. Social distancing, self-isolating, whatever it is that I’m doing is not fun. And it’s getting harder and harder to remain cheerful and upbeat …

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Mar 25

Day 7

It’s getting real now. The news is reporting more and more on the people who are dying, and the panic is low-level but constant. School has officially been cancelled through May 7, and I’m sure they won’t go back this year at all. I go back and forth between thinking that this is all being …

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Mar 21


Days are merging into each other. Each day is the same as the one before, with nothing to distinguish them. Nobody is going to school, nobody is going to work. We’re all here, all the time, going nowhere, and literally no plans for the future. Every three or four days, I venture out, go to …

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Mar 20

Day 3

Is it Day 3? I suppose if you start counting by the day we found out that Marc would be furloughed, it would be Day 3. Or it could be Day 7, because it was a week ago that the girls had school cancelled for the first day. You could also make a compelling argument …

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Mar 19

Better day

It’s not yet 7:30, so maybe I’m jumping the gun, but the antibiotics are starting to work and Lizzie was able to walk outside to go pee last night. She was essentially paralyzed for a few days, and it was devastating. I’m so relieved. Kids are struggling still. I’m waiting for my poor Jessie to …

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Mar 18


Day Three of our forced Coronavirus isolation. It’s not going well. Marc got laid off, or furloughed yesterday. Not entirely sure what the difference is, other than they really like him and want to hire him back, just as soon as they can. It’s really just a nicer way to lay someone off. The end …

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