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Monthly Archive: December 2015

Dec 23

Another gratitude post

I’m not in the mood this morning.  My hair is a hot mess, I’m out of good shampoo, my house is still a mess, and I need to write the thank you/Merry Christmas notes for all the teachers.  And haul my kids out of bed, get them dressed, fed, lunch packed, and then out the …

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Dec 22

Almost there

I’m not wishing away this holiday season – dare I say, it might be the easiest one I’ve ever had as a mom?  It’s obviously a reflection of the lack of time; between Sam’s health issues, and the fact that I’m working, there just isn’t time for me to worry about how Marc is thinking about …

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Dec 16

And – it’s good

We’re about a week post-colonoscopy, and he’s exceeded all of my expectations.  It’s not perfect, he’s complained a few times, but it feels like he’s coming out of a fog. Suddenly, he’s sitting out in the living room.  Interacting with people.  Building legos and playing Uno with his dad.  Talking with me and Jessie.  He …

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Dec 15


It’s been a rough week.  A really, really hard week. Sam’s stomach has been getting worse and worse.  He came home from school last Wednesday and last Friday, and then on Monday, I got a call from the nurse.  Again.  He was in the office, crying.  His stomach hurt so badly.  I got him to …

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Dec 06

December Dilemma Defensiveness

I’ve got a chip on my shoulder. Oh December.  This time of year that used to be just fun.  It was, wasn’t it?  There was a time when I approached the holidays with this sense of joy and wonder, I felt connected to everyone, all twinkling lights and candy canes. I don’t do that anymore. …

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Dec 05

Holiday Prep

When you start the weekend tired, it doesn’t bode well for the next two days. Hannukah starts on Sunday and I’m woefully unprepared.  In that I have no idea where the hell the menorahs are, you don’t even want to know how much stuff is under my couch that needs to be moved in order …

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Dec 02

Julianna Ruth

Julie asked me the other day if Marc and I had time for “making out and sexing.”  What I found fascinating about this (once I got past the incredulous what-the-hell) was that she wasn’t asking about sex (which would have been enough to throw me off, she’s only five!).  She was literally inquiring about whether …

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