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Monthly Archive: March 2012

Mar 29

Passover Posters

I’m not sure I did this on purpose, in fact, I’m pretty sure I didn’t.  But, as it happens sometimes, I managed to create a tradition that my kids adore and look forward to every year.  It’s the Passover Posters. Having converted to Judaism, I brought a lot of non-Jews to the Seder table, so …

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Mar 27

Things I’m grateful I taught my children

I mean, I’m glad they know about brushing their teeth, and that cupcakes aren’t healthy and that chewing with your mouth open is bad idea.  But there are other things – little things that make life more fun – that I’m really glad I’ve been able to instill in my kids. 1 – To find …

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Mar 26


I’m not an overly materialistic person.  I don’t have expensive furnishings around the house.  All of my furniture is second hand or hand me down.  I even stopped buying books after my oldest daughter was born and I realized that I feed my book addiction for free at the library.  But I do have a …

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Mar 23

I think they ruined her

I was on the phone last night with my cousin Becky, and Julianna was in the living room with a new toy.  The older two kids were in there with her, insisting on playing with her, and they weren’t doing it the way Julie thought they should and she let loose with this screech.  Becky …

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Mar 21

Am I a total prude?

When did camisoles become appropriate daytime wear for nine year olds?  Is it just me?  Jessie has several adorable tops someone had given her as hand-me-downs- but they’re camisoles.  Built in little girl bra, spaghetti straps with adjustable bra strap in the back.  And she wants desperately to wear them like shirts, and everyone else …

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Mar 20

overwhelmed and exhausted

I feel… overwhelmed and exhausted.  Sam is still sick, hollering out every few minutes “I’m so… ill” and hasn’t eaten in two days.  Julie and Jessie are eating popsicles (I’m sure the sugar high will help with bedtime) and Marc just left to go back to work.  It feels like everyone in my life is …

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Mar 19

Poor sick Sammy

Got the call from the nurse today (and note to other moms who might move or get new cell phones – the secretary doesn’t necessarily update the nurse’s records with new numbers) and my poor boy sick.  Sick, sick, sick.  He was fine this morning, a little quiet, and said he wasn’t that hungry.  To …

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Mar 15


I’m pretty secure in my parenting abilities.  I’ve been doing this for a long time, babysitting for a good twenty five years, being an overly involved aunt for about fifteen, and a mother to my own children for nine years.  But there are times, like today, when I’m pretty convinced that I’m flat out awful …

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Mar 13


I converted to Judaism about three years ago. I think. It was before my youngest daughter was born, and she’ll be two in April. So about three years ago. My spiritual background is somewhat challenging to explain, because I’ve explored a lot of different spiritual paths. I was born into a nominally Catholic family. We …

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Mar 13


I’m relatively laid back about my parenting. I like to encourage my children to make their own choices when they can. I let them pick out their own clothes when they want to (although more often than not, they’re just as happy to have me do it). And for the most part, this works out …

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