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Monthly Archive: October 2013

Oct 30

October RoundUp

Things have been super crazy busy lately.  I feel like I’ve been running around frantically trying to get everything done, and only getting maybe 75% of it accomplished.  Kids are all well and healthy, with the minor exception of Jessie being sick last week (or was it two weeks ago?) and then Julie was throwing …

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Oct 23

Mama, if you had to decide right now, would you have another baby?

Jessie wants a baby.  Bad. Every couple of days, at least once a week, my girl comes to me with some version of the question above.   Do you think someday, you might have another baby?  And each time, I want to shake her, just a little, and point out that I’ve been trying to …

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Oct 20

Sunday mornings

I love Sunday mornings.  It’s the only morning I don’t have to get up and do something.  Monday, Wednesday and Fridays would be my next favorites, because I don’t have to do the dreaded Julie preschool run.  Tuesdays and Thursdays unilaterally suck because really, when your toddler wakes up sobbing, it’s never fun – and Saturday, …

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Oct 18

Breakfast with the boy

I kept Jessica home from school today.  She’s not contagious, her allergies are so bad that her throat is all red and raw, she’s congested and crabby and just not feeling well.  I brought her into the pediatrician’s yesterday, and the doctor told me to keep her home, give her advil and let her rest. …

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Oct 17

Stupidity Induced Migraine

My head is killing me, and it’s my own damn fault.  I was too polite to refuse a cup of coffee at dinner last night, and because drinking coffee at seven thirty is never a recipe for a good night’s sleep, spent most of the night staring up on the ceiling panicking about money.  Which …

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Oct 15

Columbus Day Weekend

Busy, busy weekend here.  Actually, it’s been a relatively frantic couple of days around here.  Thursday, my poor little Sammy had some massive and major issues at school.  He’s an anxious little kid, with some pretty major separation/social anxiety struggles that we’ve been dealing with since… well, birth, I guess.  And he’s gotten so much …

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Oct 08

Bedtime Champion

I’m awful at putting my kids to bed.  There, I’ve said it.  I like to think I’m pretty good at most of the mothering stuff.  I’m patient, pretty relaxed about most things.  I can bake really good cookies,  and get dinner on the table quickly and most of them eat it.  But I’ve never been …

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Oct 02

Way Back Wednesday

I’ve got a crappy cold, and feel no particular inspiration.  But I haven’t posted a blog entry in a while, so I thought I’d try and pull one off.  I just wrote a very long, incredibly boring blog post, and deleted it.  So here’s an old post, better written, from a few years ago, when …

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