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Monthly Archive: March 2008

Mar 31

Major stress

I’m checking the mail on an hourly basis – waiting for the financial aid paperwork for Jessie’s school. I’m really praying that we get enough aid to be able to send her to private school… she’s going to be so disappointed if we can’t. Not that I’ve let on to her how stressed I am, …

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Mar 25

Why I hate candy

We just survived Purim and Easter. Part of the joy of being in somewhat interfaith relationship is that we celebrate every freaking holiday imaginable. Purim was fun – I got to experiment with different recipes until I found a really good one for hamentaschen and we went down to the synagogue for the Purim carnival. …

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Mar 17

Finally, Jessie has found a reason for Sam to exist

He’s willing, no, he’s eager, to have her do ‘make overs’ on him. The poor kid doesn’t know any better, and is so happy that she’s interacting with him and treating him like a real person and not a baby, that he’s thrilled to betsy to sit there and let her paint glitter and eye …

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Mar 16

She made it!

For the very first time, my girl made it thru the night dry. In big girl pants, no less. Very proud… although I confess that I got up at two o’clock in the morning to drag her into the potty. She’s very proud of herself… very big step 🙂 Had a busy day yesterday, between …

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Mar 14

My five year old still has a pacifier

There, I said it. She has a fier, and I’m proud of her. She’s brilliant, kind, creative and can be the most poised, talkative engaging child in the world. And most nights, she drifts off to sleep with her trusty fier in her mouth. I refuse to lecture her, take it away, make her feel …

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Mar 11

Nursing a Toddler

He’s nursing like there’s no tomorrow. Like he has to get it all in now, because it’s going away. Which is accurate, actually. I’m finding more and more that I don’t want to nurse. I don’t want to be trapped in a chair, nursing for hours. Not anymore. I’ve gone for twenty months, longer than …

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Mar 10


I’m trying to figure out how to get comments on my blog. If you’re reading this, could you comment, just so I know that it works?

Mar 10

My baby’s hair is GONE

We did Sam’s hair last night – and for the record, I did agree to it and even held him while it was happening. That being said, I sobbed for ten minutes afterwards. He looks SO BIG. All of a sudden, he’s a little boy, he’s not a baby anymore. His eyes look huge and …

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Mar 08


It’s an odd role – one that I didn’t necessarily want, but didn’t go out of my way to avoid it. When I first starting dating Marc, the girls weren’t really a factor – spending time with them was something done by him on the weekends. It didn’t influence me much more than I knew …

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Mar 07

And while we’re at it – the difference between a girl child and a boy child

My son, my precious little love, was over in the corner making happy noises. I glanced over at him and he looked up. His face was red, his eyes were glassy, and he had the biggest smile. I asked him if he had been pooping, and he was delighted with himself. Nodded happily and went …

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