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Monthly Archive: May 2013

May 31

Five Questions Friday

I’m linking up with Five Question Friday (which is fun, because I like answering questions, but also helpful because I don’t have to come up with a blog topic) from fivecrookedhalos.blogspot.com   1. What is an acceptable age for girls to start dating? I don’t think you should have a separate age for girls, in all …

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May 28

Parenting Books

I read a lot. I’ve always been a reader, in fact, when I realized that the principal at my son’s preschool was my old life studies teacher from the eighth grade, he remembered me from twenty years ago strictly because I was the one with my nose in a book all the time. So it’s …

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May 25


It was what sold me on Judaism in the first place.  Shabbat represented family harmony, elevating common everyday things to a sacred level.  Taking a whole day, an evening and night and the whole next day to just appreciating what you have.  Preparing a big dinner, taking a quiet moment to light the candles and …

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May 24

His victories are so much sweeter

Sam has some anxiety issues.  And he’s really stubborn too, so when he starts to get really anxious and panicked about something, he kind of sinks into it, and it’s wicked hard to pull him out.  And apparently, I’m kind of a trigger for explosive tears.  He can hold it in and appear to be …

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May 23

More kids?

(Disclaimer – given my basic personality and overwhelming need to analyze, debate and ponder everything, you should probably expect a post on whether or not we’re having more kids every three or four months.  And probably, they’ll go back and forth, for and against, usually in the same post) So, I’ve been reading a lot …

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May 20

Life with a toddler

I set Julianna up with her favorite lunch, pita and hummus, and was bopping around the house, doing whatever it is that I do all day.  Suddenly, she starts hollering in from the living room… “MAMA – I dot hummus on my toes!”  As I’m wiping hummus off her grubby little feet, I ask, not …

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May 18


It’s a topic that I’m kind of an expert on.  I was raised by a mother with four of them, and I’ve got one of my own, in addition to two stepsisters.  My cousin and best friend is truly an older sister to me – we’ve grown up together and I always count her as …

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May 15

Way Back Wednesday

(Here’s a post from May, 2008.  Reading it made me smile, remembering my two year old Samilicious Boy.  He’s grown up a lot in the past five years, but his personality is still the same.) Sam tried to bake his ducks Being the good mom, thought I’d whip up some cookies for my children. My …

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May 14

Two steps forward, one step back

Julianna is weaning.  Slowly, slowly, but I’m starting to see real progress towards her not nursing at all anymore.  I initiated the process, but really wanted it to be as easy and non-traumatic as possible.  I have miserable memories of weaning Sam.  Part of it was that he was older than Julie, he was closer …

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May 12

Mother’s Day

I’m thinking today about five people. My mother – she had turned twenty two the day before I was born.  That boggles my mind now, because I had just turned twenty nine when I had Jessica.  By the time she turned twenty nine, she was newly divorced, with four little kids, starting on a journey …

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