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Monthly Archive: March 2021

Mar 26

Too much

Sam was diagnosed with celiac disease today. It’s been eight months since he started vomiting daily. Two rounds of antibiotics, one endoscopy, multiple rounds of blood work, two allergists, one ENT doctor, two GI specialists, and a final round of tests that I asked for out of desperation. We got the bloodwork back two days …

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Mar 23

Five months and two weeks

Yeah – I’ve started the countdown. We’re all preparing for Jessie to move out. She’s been accepted at 7 out of the 8 colleges who have announced acceptances so far, and at least two of them are currently contenders. And the financial aid is so much better than we had hoped. She’s going to college. …

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Mar 01

This isn’t going well

I’ve got one kid who’s basically hiding in my bedroom 24/7, staring at her phone and refusing to do schoolwork. Another one who’s fine with school, up to date with everything, but constantly anxious, he just doesn’t know why. And another one who, with three months until the end of senior year, is breaking down …

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