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Monthly Archive: October 2014

Oct 30

Je suis fatigue

(just part of why I’m exhausted these days…) It’s all I retained from high school French.  Mom phrases, as it turns out.  I can also demand that my kids comply “tout suite!” and I’ve been known to holler out “Avec Moi!”  But mostly, I just say I’m tired. I’m exhausted today because I stayed up …

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Oct 27

Halloween Prep

We do Halloween in our house.  We do most holidays, but Halloween, where it’s socially acceptable to ask for and then eat candy all the live long day – that one is one of the more popular. Every year, we buy pumpkins and then Marc carves them.  Without fail.  I don’t think I’ve carved a …

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Oct 16

December is coming…

(I love this pic from a Hanukkah several years ago….) It’s always at this time of year that I start thinking more about interfaith issues.  After last year, I promised myself that I was going to go off-line for the month of December.  Close myself in a little cocoon, and surround myself only with people …

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Oct 15

Gratitude List #47

I’m not particularly loving this stage of my life.  I hate typing that, because I know damn well that once I admit it, it’s going to get worse.  But the past few months have been especially challenging for me, and I’m struggling.  I’m not working, I’m not at home, I’m certainly not writing as much …

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Oct 14

Sukkah Hopping, Spouse Swapping and a Corn Maze

It’s Tuesday, and I’m a happy girl.  A slightly stressed, wishing I had about four extra hours today because there’s no way I’ll get everything done, content girl.  It was a crazy busy weekend, but one of those that was filled with good friends, family connections and holiday celebrations. Saturday night, Marc’s cousin got married …

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Oct 10

Topics I Should Be Blogging About

I started this blog back in January 2008, which means I’ve got close to seven years of steady blogging.  But lately, blogging is getting harder and harder.  Everything is different now, my schedule is all over the place, and I’m missing out on that TIME.  The quiet time when it’s just me and the computer …

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Oct 08

Bedtime Battles

Julie has been a hot mess during bedtime the past two days (it’s taken close to three hours to get her to go to sleep after declaring bedtime).  UNHEARD of – I’ve never had trouble getting my kids to sleep.   Jessie always required a “routine” but it was reasonably short and she always fell …

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Oct 06


I think that’s what parenting all comes down to.  Well, not exactly, patience, intelligence, sense of humor, all those factor in as well – but really, for me, confidence is the biggest challenge. I think I’m a decent parent.  I’ve got the mechanics down, mostly.  (I’m still kind of crappy at putting them to bed …

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