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Monthly Archive: May 2009

May 31

Happy, happy weekend

Well, except for the excruiating sinus infection. But once the drugs kicked in (azithromycin plus sudafed), I was much, much better. Saturday, we had Lilli, Sarah, Glennys, plus my two for the day. Marc took the three older girls to Hebrew School and I kept the other two home here. Then we had all five …

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May 29

Sick, sick, and more sick – take two

I’ve got a sinus infection and an ear infection. And I’ve got my period. Which is notable only because I was five days late. And I, of course, assumed I was pregnant. I’m aware of the fact that I think I’m pregnant every month, but this time, I was really convinced of it. Marc brought …

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May 27

Weaning not going so well

Why this didn’t occur to me, I don’t know. But Sam very quickly caught on that I’d only nurse when he’s ready for a nap, so he now claims to be tired. All the time. And he’s stepped up the night nursing as well – although that might have something to do with the cold …

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May 25

Happy Memorial Day

We had a fantabulous weekend. I had my niece here since Friday afternoon, and it’s been delightful. She’s eight, and fits in perfectly with my three girls and Sam’s so used to having a crowd of adoring females around him, he gets along with her as well. Friday night, I babysat for Harrison and Julia, …

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May 19


When I first got pregnant with Jess, I knew that I’d breastfeed. Of course, I’d breastfeed. Are you kidding? Fix it so that my baby would have to be fed by me and only me? Absolutely… I mean, sure, there’s all the health benefits, but after almost 29 years of loving little babies that weren’t …

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May 18


As it turns out – I actually have nice clothes. Like many stay at home moms, I imagine, my wardrobe has dwindled down to my husband’s old t-shirts and leggings. I’m not sure why this is – but I’m hazarding a guess that it’s a combination of not wanting to ruin your own nice clothes …

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May 15

Sad, just so sad

One of my best friends in the whole wide world just found out she’s miscarrying. And I’m so sad for her. I’ve been frantic ever since she told me that she was spotting two days ago. I miscarried a twin pregnancy before Jess. At precisely the same time that she’s miscarrying now. And there’s never …

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May 14

Kids growing up

They’re both getting so big so fast – it feels like all of a sudden, they’ve both morphed into these new creatures. Sam’s a kid now, he’s not a toddler anymore, and he’s definitely not a baby. He’s got this distinct personality that’s unlike everyone in the house. He can be just as dramatic as …

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May 13

Glory of a nap

I feel FABULOUS. I just slept for about an hour, and it was wonderful. I’m sunshiney happy, I’m full of energy and think this might be the ticket to a brand new me. I took Sam to the library earlier, after dealing with a variety of crisises (convict trying to ditch parole next door, sheriff’s …

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May 10

I take it all back

Jessie got sick, she puked all over the back seat yesterday. And without complaint, without discussion, Marc assumed total and utter responsibility for clean up. He crossed Rte. 9, on a Saturday night, begged papertowels and clean up supplies from strangers, cleaned the entire mess to the point where the backseat is actually far cleaner …

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