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Monthly Archive: November 2009

Nov 27

Thankful for…

(in no order) 1 – I’m thankful for my husband, Marc. Because I feel more like me when he’s there, because there’s nobody I’d rather spend time with, because he loves me all the time. Because he’s brilliant and strong and the best father I’ve ever seen. My kids are so incredibly lucky to have …

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Nov 23

Tandem Nursing

Finally got a copy of Adventures in Tandem Nursing today and LOVED it. Totally recommend it – I read it in one sitting. Such a relief to read about actual people who have been where I am. It’s odd – my family is very pro-nursing, at least in the beginning. I think if I had …

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Nov 19

Duty Distribution

Marc and I very similiar in a LOT of really important ways. We have the same attitudes towards family, academic excellence, intellectual curiousity and we’re both really patient and tolerant. We’re both pretty social, like to have people over, have a lot of activities, like having a lot of children, etc. But on some levels, …

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Nov 17

Test results

Negative – which in this case, is a totally positive thing. Sometimes, in the back of my mind, I’ve got this nagging sense of pushing my luck – I’ve already got two gorgeous healthy children, am I asking too much to have another? And I didn’t know, until I got the results today, how worried …

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Nov 17

Not too much to report

Today’s kind of a quiet day, and I’m sleepy… Jess was up a lot last night coughing, no fever, and she was fine this morning so I shipped her off to school. Sam slept in this morning, so no nap this afternoon, I’m assuming – which’ll actually work out well for me, because Marc is …

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Nov 13

Every woman should have a Jessica

I was planning on a very lazy night – Marc wasn’t coming home tonight after work, going to the gym instead. I was going to order in and go to bed as early as I could get the kids to fall asleep. But then he changed his mind, decided to stay home, and asked if …

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Nov 12

Thoughts on the future

Now that I know I’m having another girl – I’ve found a whole new set of things to think about. Wondering what this little girl’s personality is going to be like, how her personality will be influenced by having a big brother as her closest sibling, what it’ll be like for her to have three …

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Nov 11

It’s a….

GIRL! I’m so happy. I think I’d be equally as happy about it being a boy, but finding out the gender makes it seem so much more real to me. I’m carrying a little girl – I’m going to have two daughters and a son. How incredibly perfect. I’m absolutely delighted. The ultrasound went great …

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Nov 08

Is it wrong that I loved this weekend so much?

It was quiet, it was peaceful, it was lovely. We did absolutely nothing, for the most part. Jess stayed home from Hebrew School, Marc didn’t want to send her out into the world yet, the fever is gone, but she was still coughing. We didn’t have Lilli and Sarah, because we didn’t want to unnecessarily …

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Nov 06

Flu, baby worries, and gratitude

I’ve had a lot of both this past week. Poor Jess has been home sick with a fever all week, and I’ve been trapped alone in the house with both kids by myself – and there were definitely times when I didn’t handle it well. I’m a yeller – I come from a long line …

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