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Monthly Archive: December 2010

Dec 27

First snowfall

It’s finally here, the first official blizzard of 2010.  And I just shipped Marc, Jess and Sam outside to shovel, shove snow down Marc’s pants and build a snowman.  Julianna and I are happily warm, hanging in the living room.  I’ve got a turkey pot pie bubbling in the oven, Jules is playing with Sam’s …

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Dec 22

Sudafed and Christmas

That’s pretty much where my mind is these days.  I’ve got a sinus infection, but so far, it seems to be going away when I take a Claritin D.  The sudafed in the medication makes me all floaty and weird, but it’s not an unpleasant feeling.  Just a little disorienting.  Anyway – I’ve been floating …

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Dec 17

Why would anyone NOT want to co-sleep?

It’s just awesome.  I love snuggling with that little girl at the crack of dawn.  I nursed her early this morning, around six-ish, and she’s still out cold.  I’m awake and alone right now – Jess off to school, Marc getting bloodwork done and running errands, Sam and Julie still sleeping, which is so unbelievably …

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Dec 16

Disconcerting realization

My husband is kind of scary about heat.  Not scary, that’s not the right word.  But he’s one of those people, you know the type, the ones that like to keep the heat as low as possible.  Like, just above the degree that it would have to be for you be able to see your …

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Dec 15

I just want… this

I watched an episode of  “Lie to Me” the other day.  Granted, I’m way behind on it, so the show probably originally aired a month ago, but there was one particular line that I’ve been thinking about ever since.  The plot of the show was basically that there was this woman who had somehow been …

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Dec 14

First words

Jessica’s first real word was Dada.  She said Mama first, but she used it more as a general expression of need.  She said it when she was hungry or wet or bored.  I remember one memorable occasion, driving home on Rte. 117, with her in the backseat, whimpering “Mama, mama, mama” over and over again …

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Dec 11

My baby only naps if she’s held, and I don’t mind.

Sure, sometimes it’s aggravating.  Sometimes I think about the dishes I could be doing, the laundry I could be folding, the dinner I could be making.   Julie is an angel baby – she’s social and happy, and still a pretty good sleeper at night – but she’s a crappy napper.  Unless she’s being held.  She’ll …

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Dec 09

Squishy baby love

Becky had her baby on Tuesday afternoon – so beautiful, Abigail Bridgett.  She was 10lbs, 3 oz, 23.5 inches long.  And so freaking gorgeous, with squishy cheeks, huge eyes and I’m already so in love with her.  I’ve had a sneaky suspicion that she and Julianna had plans before either of them were conceived, and …

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Dec 02

Happy Hanukkah

Ahhh – December.  The annual month where Marc and I ponder and discuss and analyze for hours, trying ot balance out his Jewish family traditions with my hodge podge Christian/Pagan traditions.  The one guaranteed date night – we combine shopping with dinner and generally, we end up bringing at least our youngest one (whichever one …

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