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Monthly Archive: August 2012

Aug 31

Politics and Kids

I like politics.  I don’t closely align myself with any particular party, having migrated from a die hard Democrat in my teens and twenties into a much more thoughtful Independent voter in my thirties.  But regardless of how I vote, I have always, always loved voting. I registered to vote on my eighteenth birthday and …

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Aug 27

Thoughts on Family Planning

Marc and I took the three kids to Holden Days yesterday. Marc was actually there to help out at his business association booth, and I was wandering around with all three kids. It was a mob scene, with thousands of people and tons of noise and chaos. I don’t really like events like this – …

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Aug 23


“… the time when the things you thought you knew about the spiritual life turn out not to suffice for the life you are actually living.”     – Lauren F Winner Still: Notes on a Mid-Faith CrisisI like to read.  All kinds of things, from fiction (Nora Roberts, Elizabeth Berg, Maeve Binchy, Anne Rivers Siddens), …

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Aug 21

End of Summer Round Up

This really has been the best summer.  I think because Julianna is bigger and more verbal, it was the first one where I really had three fully participating, engaged kids.  We didn’t DO much.  My van is not happy, it’s still running but not fabulously, and we were really on a tight budget, and Marc …

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Aug 20

Weekend Updates

I had an utterly lovely weekend.  It wasn’t all hearts and flowers, but mostly, the weekend was fabulous and I’m feeling very grateful and content this morning.  Saturday morning, we got up bright and early and ran errands with all three kids all day long.  We hit the dry cleaners (getting lollipops for the kids, …

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Aug 17


I’m a stay at home mom. This is my job, in many ways. Raising these three children to adulthood. Teaching them how to live without me. In a real sense, that’s what I’m doing. Teaching them to be adults. Teaching them not only how to emotionally handle all that life will throw at them, but …

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Aug 12

Laundry and why I hate it

I know – it’s a completely mundane topic, but one that’s relevant to my life right now, and since it’s my blog – I’m just going to bitch a little about it.  (On a side note, my cousin Nicky is continuing to improve, but it’s long and slow and hard.  It’s the nature of this …

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Aug 08

End of summer

It’s been a rough couple of days, but it’s almost settling into the new normal.  Every morning I wake up and immediately call around to get the latest update on how Nicky is doing.  He’s making progress, and thank God for that, but it’s slow and hard and I wish so much that I could …

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Aug 06

My Nicky got hurt

Julianna has a particular speech pattern where she claims ownership of everyone.  It’s “my Boy” and “my Yaya.”  And I find myself thinking in those terms, because my Nicky got hurt.  Not that he’s exclusively mine, but I find myself feeling especially possessive and protective of him now. I’m the second oldest of a zillion …

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Aug 02

Room to run

I’m not a girl who requires a lot of exercise.  Not that I shouldn’t get it, because of course we all need exercise – but my mood is not dependent on it.  I can spend the entire day on the couch with a book and be perfectly content.  As a contrast, if Marc goes more …

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