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Monthly Archive: January 2022

Jan 31

Turning 48

My birthday was last week. And mostly – I ignored it. I ignored it because it scares me, a little bit, to be getting older. I’m not at all sure how I feel about it, so I’m pretending it’s not real. I don’t FEEL older. But there’s no way to deny that 48 is really …

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Jan 13

We all have covid

Julie and Marc are the only one we have test results for, but I expect to get Sam and Jessie’s today or tomorrow, and I’m on the phone arranging my test now. We’re okay. Julie’s mostly through the worst of it now, and feels basically okay. It’s hard to figure out how to count quarantine …

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Jan 11


I’m feeling especially stressed and overwhelmed right now. We’re coming down to the end of Sam’s semester and I’m looking at a biology test that looks awful to me. I did not thrive in high school biology. And because I’m the one translating all this to him because he can’t see it, if I don’t …

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Jan 09

It feels like March 2020

This is not where I thought we’d be in January of 2022. But it’s not altogether bad either. The omicron variant of the virus is running rampant, and we may or may not have it. We can’t get tested, so there’s no way to know, either way. Julie’s sick, sore throat, cough, some congestion. Becky …

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Jan 03

I’ve become “that mom”

I literally just wrote an email, explaining that Sam would need to do test corrections or have the test dropped altogether, because WE ARE NOT going to let that 65% stand as his final test grade. I used to be the mom who was devil may care about grades. Jessie stressed so much about her …

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