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Monthly Archive: September 2016

Sep 30

September Round Up – Sammy

I haven’t posted in a while… no real reason.  Life got a little crazy lately.  I don’t know that it’s that life “got” a little crazy, I just… haven’t posted. Sam is officially legally blind.  What that means… is that he’ll be able to access services through the state to get equipment to make it …

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Sep 13

September Updates

We’re settling in.  The first few weeks of school are underway, and so far, this seems like a much easier year than last year. Jessie LOVES eighth grade.  She’s waking up on her own, getting her homework done right away and loving all of her classes.  She started a new discussion group at the synagogue …

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Sep 06

J Massage

Julie has created a small company for foot massages.  She’s been an accomplished foot massager for a while now, and has recently decided to step it up a notch.  She now does full blown pedicures, with foot soaks.  The best part is that she’s taken to calling me to schedule my appointments (by using the …

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Sep 02

Roasting chicken

I’m not a good cook.  I’m not a terrible cook either, I’m an apathetic cook.  Which is why there are certain things I make that are phenomenally good.  For example – pancakes.  Granted, I have made them almost every day since the accident.  But they are the simplest things to make – you literally just …

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Sep 01

Three days in

It’s the first week of school.  I specifically didn’t start homeschooling this week, because I wanted focus on getting the girls into a good routine. The first day was rough.  Not for Jessie or Julie – both of them were delighted to go back to school, psyched about their new lunch boxes and new school …

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