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Monthly Archive: June 2016

Jun 28


Every year, I’ve always thought about the fact that I only get one summer.  Only one summer when the kids are this precise age, one summer when this is my life.  This summer is especially sweet to me, because I didn’t always know that I’d get it.  The reality is that my son almost died. …

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Jun 20

Notes from June

It’s been a good month.  We did start on a particularly low note, I’ll be honest.  But June will go down as the month where it all turned around. – Kids are out of school for the summer and it’s glorious.  Not all the time, sure, there are squabbles and so, so many dishes.  But …

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Jun 14

Lessons Learned 2015-2016

It’s been an… interesting year.  One kid in seventh, one in third and one in kindergarten, I started the year in a much different place than I’m ending.  Last year, at this time, I had just returned to the workforce after more than a decade as a stay at home mom.   And on my …

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Jun 08

I think we’re good

Had our appointment with the neurologist this afternoon.  It was lovely, because…. we didn’t really need to go.  She answered some questions, we had a lovely chat, but really, I think we’re good.  We had an appointment on Monday with our neuro-opthamologist, and we’ve got another follow up in a month.  After that – our …

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Jun 07

Oh My God – I’m exhausted

I went on Julianna’s field trip today – and a trip to the zoo with five six year olds WORE ME OUT.  If there’s any thought that maybe I could have another baby… please remind me of this.  My feet hurt, I’m irritable and begging my kids to please, please, please just stop squabbling for …

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Jun 02

He still cleans the vomit

Marc and I have always had a division of labor.   I’m proud to call myself a feminist, but also well aware that I tend towards a very traditional definition of femininity and motherhood.  Marc kills the bugs, handles the trash and yes, cleans the puke.  When the kids were little, it was a little …

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Jun 01

Happy Birthday to my love

I used to worry sometimes.  Not worry.  I used to notice that I had a very peaceful life.  No real strife, or drama.  My kids were healthy and growing – they might have fought or squabbled or sobbed, but that’s normal.  My marriage was peaceful, with a man that I loved.  We never had a lot …

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