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Monthly Archive: May 2014

May 28


I’m not a camper.  Although, for the first thirty years of my life, I was.  I went camping all the time as a kid.  The White Mountains, a few times up in Vermont, and almost every year from the time I was my oldest child’s age, I went to Hermit Island up in Maine. I …

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May 21

Way Back Wednesday

This is a post from few years ago – May of 2009.  This was a really good weekend, and I added some pictures from that day. Happy, happy weekend Well, except for the excruiating sinus infection. But once the drugs kicked in (azithromycinplus sudafed), I was much, much better. Saturday, we had Lilli, Sarah, Glennys, plus my two for …

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May 19

New Season

It’s crazy busy around here, with the end of the year festivities all over the place, gorgeous warm weather begging us to be outside, and laundry (always) and dishes (oh, I hate dishes) constantly piled up all over the place. I’m finding that I’m especially enjoying this season.  Not just spring, but also this period …

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May 12

I don’t like Mother’s Day

I don’t like Mother’s Day. I’m also not all that fond of Father’s Day, for the record, but that’s another post. Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and I wished it was just a regular Sunday. Too much pressure to make day perfect, to have every moment be filled blessings and gratitude and happiness – when the …

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May 07

Teacher Appreciation Week

This post could also be titled – “How I Learned That Sometimes, It Really Does Take a Village.” I was scared to send my second child off to school.  I was nervous about sending off my oldest, but it was nervous tinged with excitement.  School was fun, school was where she’d make friends and play …

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May 05


Weekends are kind of hectic around here.  Although now that I write that, I’m recognizing that LIFE is kind of hectic.  But this weekend was particularly so, compounded by the fact that my poor Jessie Bug Noodle was desperately sick on Saturday. Friday night wasn’t too crazy.  I had four kids, my three plus Jordyn, …

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May 03

Puke as a marital bonding tool

I know it sounds stupid.  But there’s nothing like a night with a puking kid to make Marc and I feel closer to each other. Jessie was a frequent night puker.  She’s got bad allergies.  Between the dust mites and the pollen, she spends most of the year at least a little bit congested.   …

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May 01

I’ve been banned from math homework

First, I’d like to be clear.  I’m far from unintelligent.   I’m totally capable of figuring out what to tip in a restaurant, for example.  It’s merely that I chose to specialize about thirty years ago on reading and writing, and the math… not so much.  I was a good student, honors classes, AP classes …

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