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Monthly Archive: September 2011

Sep 26

Oddly enough

My life, in many ways, got easier once I had two kids in school.  Suddenly we’re all organized and with a majority of kids on the same schedule, life is just easier.  Bedtime is a breeze, no more battles to get Jess to sleep, Sam goes down by necessity earlier than she does.  No real …

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Sep 24

Checking in

All is delightful in my little world.  Miss Jessie and Sam danced off to Hebrew School happily enough.  There’s a famous quote by some rabbi that Marc quotes all the time, something about if you want a child to love Torah, give them candy.  Which is a good theory – and I’m happy to report …

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Sep 21

SHE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy moly – Julianna Ruth took her very first steps today!

Sep 19

Thoughts from a newly freed mother

Mothering is obviously different for each mother and differenter (is that even a word??) for each child of each specific mother.  My experiences mothering is different for each child.  And while my love for each child is quantitatively the same for each one, the level of intensity seems different.  The level of need of each …

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Sep 17

Holy moly, Sam is actually social

We went to my  mother’s house last night.  For no real reason, I wanted to show off the new van, and thought I’d nag Mandi into cutting my hair (because I was ready to take the scissors to it myself, and I knew she’d hate that) and Samilicious Boy was … just freaking awesome. Sam …

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Sep 16

Because I know how lucky I am to have her….

It’s odd – my sister and I have next to nothing in common.  If we weren’t biologically related, we’d probably have never met, let alone hung out together.  She’s five years younger, a million times cooler and completely different from me.  She’s got a bigger temper, but I can hold a grudge way longer.  She’s …

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Sep 13

Unloading the dishwasher

I’m somewhat of a laissez-faire sort of mother.   If it doesn’t hurt anyone or anything, I’m probably going to let it slide, at least for a while.  This is somewhat challenging for my beloved husband, who’s a little more… particular than I am.  Case in point is the toilet paper.  At some point in …

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Sep 12

Settling in to the school year

This will come as no surprise to most of you, but I really, really don’t like mornings.  And now that Sam is going to school, I have a special dislike of them.  Because he’s going to school, and he’s SO GOOD about it.  After years of Jessie being angry that she’s got to go, Sam’s …

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Sep 10

Cohen Family Weekend

This is the kind of weekend that I hope my kids think of when they remember their childhood.  I’ve got Sarah, Jessica, Sam, Glennys, Caroline, and Sasha all outside, riding cozy coupes and wagons down the hill and screaming as loud as they can.

Sep 08

I do have other children….

I know Sam’s been monopolizing my blogging world lately – and I’m happy to report that today was the best day so far.  No tears at all until we got into the classroom, and even then he was just a little misty, and his teacher immediately sat down and started engaging him in conversation.  He …

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