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Monthly Archive: March 2013

Mar 29


It’s just not that big of a deal to me.  I think it’s because Christmas is such an important holiday for me, and one that I invest so much time and effort into celebrating.  I feel like celebrating Christmas is such a statement – it’s very purposeful and discussed and debated and agonized over.  But …

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Mar 28


It’s the background for my everything, and often I forget to notice it.  I’m good at noticing the little things about motherhood, the quiet moments when everything is so sweet that it aches, or when you’re so tired and touched out and desperate for a little alone time.  Parenting is my full time occupation – …

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Mar 25

Julie loves the potty

It’s her favorite room in the house, and there’s nothing she likes more than to be sitting on her little potty, hanging out. She’ll spend up to a half hour in there, just hanging. Sometimes she’ll demand privacy, and won’t let anyone in with her, but more often than not, she’ll holler out for someone …

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Mar 23

Passover is hard

This isn’t one of those “getting ready for Passover with the cleaning and the baking and the cooking and the seders and the dishes and the cleaning and oh yeah, did I mention the cleaning” kind of posts.   Because Passover is hard for all of those reasons.  In theory, and in reality for many …

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Mar 22


My kids all kind of look alike.  They all have my eyes, and Marc’s nose and mouth.  They all have dimples. Sam obviously stands out, simply because he’s got a crew cut.  He looks dramatically different.  But Julianna and Jessica are virtually the same kid, appearance wise, just seven years apart.  Julie has her hair …

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Mar 21

Such an odd thing to be happy about

(First, as an update – both Jess and Sam seem to be doing really well, and thus far, Julie has managed to escape concussion free.  Both kids came home yesterday with headaches, but made it all day today, and both have playdates at home this afternoon) My son Sam has some anxiety issues.  Mainly around …

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Mar 18

Two kids, two concussions, seventy two hours

I’m drained.  Really, just flat out exhausted.  I got Samilicious Boy up this morning and thought he was just being a pain about going to school.  He doesn’t like going on a good day, but on a day when Jessie isn’t going, I know it’s going to be a battle. I had him on my …

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Mar 18

Probable minor concussion

I brought Jessica back into the pediatrician’s this morning, because her headaches weren’t going away.  In fact yesterday, walking around triggered such a bad one that she was curled up on her bed sobbing in pain.  Her pediatrician said that it probably is a minor concussion, and the headaches should go away within the next …

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Mar 17


I don’t do much for St. Patrick’s Day as a rule.  If I can find a green outfit for the kids (which is harder than you’d think), I’ll toss it on them.   But that’s about it.  Corned beef and cabbage is not one of my favorites, and I’m not a beer drinker ever.  Making …

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Mar 15

Head Injury

Poor Jessie bumped her little head today.  It’s not too bad, I guess, but I’m hauling her into the doctor’s anyway, just because it’s my Jessie and it’s her little head and I’m worried.  It’s a big black and blue, with a little bloody spots popping up just above the bruise.  She was running and …

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