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Monthly Archive: May 2008

May 29

My son

When I had my daughter, she was just so easy to understand. We’re very similiar, I get her moods, her dramatic tendencies, I understand the way her mind works. I like baby dolls and figurines, frilly dresses and making up stories. We both lie thru our teeth enthusiastically, etc. But Sammy – he’s so different! …

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May 28

Fifteen minutes – that’s all it took

I cooked dinner for my children. Earlier today, they were driving me batty (I’m PMS-ing really bad), so I cleaned the living room (not spotless, but pretty damn good) and packed them all into the carriage and went for a long walk. We went to Elm Park, saw both families of baby ducks (confirming for …

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May 25

I’m so sick

Don’t know if it’s allergies, or just a kick ass spring cold, but it’s not fun right now in my body. I’ve had two motrin, I’m on my second cup of coffee, and then I’m going to take a HOT shower, and hope for the best. Memorial Day weekend, and I’m busy – I don’t …

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May 22

Sam just got up from his nap

And he’s vaguely feverish, fighting off a cold, and his cheeks are rosy and warm. His first words, before he’d even fully woken up, was “Dessi?” And when I told him that Jessie was at the doctor’s getting her cast off, he started crying, really hard, and just kept repeating her name in the saddest …

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May 22

Who loves a trip to the park in the rain??

The answer, of course, is I do! I’ve got a little routine for Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays (Wednesdays, I have too many babies to attempt it) where I head to Elm Park in the mornings, come home for lunch, put everyone down for a nap, etc. So I gambled that it wouldn’t rain – and …

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May 21

Just your average Wednesday

I’ve got Harrison and Jordyn here today, plus my two. And it’s lovely, we went for a walk earlier, I had Harrison and Jordyn in the wagon and Sam in his little monkey backpack. We walked down to the store to get butter for cookies this afternoon, and then sat outside in the sunshine and …

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May 20

Baby Ducks

There is a family of baby ducks, or as we like to call them in the Cohen household “baby quackies” at Elm Park. And for the past two days, that’s what we’ve been doing each morning. I haul the boys outside and push the carriage down to Elm Park – we walk ALL the way …

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May 18

Thank goodness the wedding is over

Not that it wasn’t a fabulous wedding, because it was, but because the three nights of leaving Sam had been hanging over my head and I’m so glad that I don’t have to worry about it anymore. And as an added perk, I know that he will survive without me and is fine. No lingering …

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May 14

He will not self destruct without me

This is my new mantra… I have to leave Sam a lot over the next couple of days. Big wedding, and I’m the maid of honor. Special girls only dinner Thursday night, rehearsal Friday night, and then all day Saturday until late that night. And I’m worried and anxious and sick at the thought of …

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May 12

Sam tried to bake his ducks

Being the good mom, thought I’d whip up some cookies for my children. My mother bought me some cookie dough, so I put the oven on three fifty to preheat and spooned out the dough onto the cookie sheet – after a few minutes, I opened the oven to discover that my son had put …

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