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Monthly Archive: April 2012

Apr 28

Will it ever end?

There’s something magical about nighttime parenting.  Something elemental and bare bones about it, when it’s the middle of the night, and your child is sick.  When the bed is covered in vomit, and the baby is sobbing in confusion and misery and the only thing to do, the only thing to do is be the …

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Apr 27

Day 6 for Sam, Day 3 for Julie

And the puking continues… In other news – at least the weekend is here.  Not that I’ll be doing much of anything, since kids are puking, but it’s got to be almost over, right? The thing is, about five minutes before and after puking, the kids are actually sick.  They moan, they sit still, they …

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Apr 26

ongoing stomach bug saga

Julie puked up everything yesterday. I didn’t really make the connection until she threw up all over the couch last night, because apparently, I’m not all that quick – either that, or I’m so used to vomit, I just don’t pick up on any kind of pattern to it anymore. She threw up in the …

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Apr 25

Stomach bug

Okay – I admit it, it’s a lot of posting lately.  But I’m out of books, and with sick kids, I haven’t made it down to the library to get something to read, so I have to write instead 🙂 Sam is still throwing up, and Julie threw up for the first time this morning. …

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Apr 24


I think we all know that mornings are not my best time.  Left to my own devices, I’d sleep until nine or ten, and then not go to bed until after midnight.  But I have kids, and school in the mornings, and thus, I adapt.  Sadly, my children are just like me.  Mornings are rarely …

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Apr 23


My kids are sick. Vomit everywhere, and it’s one of those situations that make me profoundly grateful to have a partner. Being raised by a single parent, I’m achingly aware of how hard it is to parent alone, and consistently surprised, even after nine years of raising children together, how very NICE it is to …

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Apr 22

the vomit – oh, the vomit

My kids don’t throw up.  As a rule.  They just don’t.  Colds, sure.  Allergies like you wouldn’t believe, the two older ones cough and sneeze their way thru the spring and fall.  But throwing up (with the exception of vomit from excessive coughing and post-nasal drip in the middle of the night) is so rare. …

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Apr 21

Earth Day at the Ecotarium

Friday was Earth Day at the Ecotarium, and I loved it.   I brought my three, plus two extra on the theory that if you’re going to the Eco, you should always bring extras.  We bought our first membership to the Ecotarium nine years ago, and it’s completely, completely worth it.  With a large family, …

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Apr 19

April Vacation

We spent the whole week busy, busy, busy – and yet I’m having a hard time articulating what we did.  There were baths given, meals cooked, naps taken and playgrounds visited.  We saw cousins and aunts and grandmothers, and mostly spent the entire week outside. Sam had a tick in his ear.  It had been …

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Apr 15

the perils of interfaith

Not that we’re interfaith, technically.  I did convert to Judaism – we’re all of the same faith.  BUT – and it’s a big but, in my opinion, we are different.  Marc is very devout, especially around keeping kosher for Passover.  And I am not.  At best, I really enjoy the seders (when I can actually …

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