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Monthly Archive: October 2016

Oct 28


Not a great night.  Not a terrible night, but not one that I’m going to want to relive any time soon. It’s Friday night, and we always do Shabbat dinner.  Almost always.  But every now and again, something will come up and plans will change.  This Friday, our rabbi is hosting Challah-ween, and it’s a …

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Oct 27

All is well

This is where I’m supposed to be now. We’re back to a state of equilibrium.   I used to think that we were too lucky – that things were so easy.  Not that they were easy, because they weren’t.  The kids fought and argued, I worried about them.  We never really had enough money, the laundry …

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Oct 13

Jewish holidays

I like the Jewish holidays.  I especially like the fall Jewish holidays, because they’re the ones that I can celebrate just as a regular Jewish person.  There’s no conflict with Christmas, like there is in December and Hanukkah.  There’s no stress over whether or not I can give the kids cereal or pasta, like there …

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Oct 10

Columbus Day

It’s been an odd month.  Rosh Hashana was last week, and that took up Monday and Tuesday.  The kids went back to school for Wednesday and Thursday and then had Friday, Saturday, Sunday and today, Monday, off.  Back to school tomorrow, and then off on Wednesday for Yom Kippur and then back for Thursday and …

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