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Monthly Archive: August 2009

Aug 31

My son the druid

Having a delightful sort of day – unbelievably crappy night’s sleep, but I got up nice and early, took Samilicious out for a walk this morning. I’m trying to walk in the mornings, just to get a little exercise, a little fresh air, and Sam and I enjoyed our walk tremendously until the end. We …

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Aug 30

I love Sundays

Got up this morning bright and early with Samilicious. We’ve been playing musical beds lately, and Marc was in Jessie’s bed, Jess was on the couch until about six thirty or so, and Sam was in mine. I’ve got to get that situation under control – a queen size isn’t big enough for all of …

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Aug 28

1,000 Visitors

That’s huge – even if I suspect that 800 of them are just Marc, visiting again and again 🙂 All is delightful here, have given up entirely on night weaning, and am considering giving up on weaning all together and just hoping for the best. Last night, I went out for dinner with some friends, …

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Aug 27

Morning sickness and end of summer

I feel so sick right now… and I’m so glad. Yesterday, I felt pretty good all day long, and was really worried about the pregnancy. After the miscarriage, I don’t feel secure in the pregnancy unless I physically feel terrible. This pregnancy has been strong from the very beginning though, I don’t ever remember getting …

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Aug 25

We’re weaning on my terms

Not on Sam’s, obviously, as he’d never voluntarily stop. But I can’t do a cold turkey kind of thing either. I tried last night to do night weaning – where I’ll cuddle him and rub his back if he wakes up, but no nursing. I spent the past couple of months really encouraging his attachment …

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Aug 24

Am I just wicked fat?

Or am I showing super early? Not that I was ever what I’d call skinny – but I don’t think there’s any call for my maternity clothes to fit so perfectly so fast. I dug them all out of my closet earlier – and tried on a pair of my favorite capris – and they …

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Aug 23

Guess what?

I’m officially pregnant. Just a little bit (as anyone who’s miscarried can attest, you can, in fact, be a little bit pregnant), we just got the positive result on Saturday. I’m so happy. We hadn’t been really actively trying, but we haven’t been using birth control since April, so it was bound to happen sooner …

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Aug 19

I love my boy

It’s just me and Sam tonight – Jess is spending the night at Annie’s house (thank goodness for Annie) and Marc is out at the gym. Sam had asked for a bath earlier and I told him to wait until his friends went home, and as soon as Jordyn left, he whipped off his diaper. …

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Aug 18


My only excuse is that it’s hot. And even though I’m happily enclosed in an air conditioned apartment, I’m still feeling like just laying down somewhere quiet to sleep. Unfortunately, I’ve still got sixty percent of my kids (easy math when you’ve got five kids here) still awake so I’m pouring a cup of coffee …

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Aug 17

Can you be a feminist and a happy housewife?

I’ve been thinking about this for the past day or so, after a conversation that I had with one of my aunts. Because I am a happy housewife, a SAHM, whatever term you want to use – and I still self-identify as a feminist. I don’t see the contradiction. Part of my job, as I …

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