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Monthly Archive: December 2014

Dec 29

Christmas 2014

It was a day that we probably won’t forget any time soon.  It started out lovely, with our annual trek out for Chinese food on Christmas Eve.   We had sixteen people total, and it was just fun.  Everyone had a buddy or two that was around their age, and it was this peaceful little …

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Dec 19


Is it just the holidays?   I feel as though I’m running, running, running all the time and never quite getting caught up with all that I have to do.  Forget the housework, I can barely stay on top of dishes/laundry/vacuuming (those are my top three that HAVE to get done – everything else is …

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Dec 10


I like to rearrange. Or rather, I like the results of having rearranged. I like the way a room looks completely new when you move the couch from one side to another. But I have a big couch and a little living room, and sadly, there’s aren’t a lot of configurations for my living room …

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Dec 03

Mornings still aren’t my favorite

It’s the only time when I’m really alone, and awake.  I end up falling asleep after I get the kids in bed (actually, I’m ashamed to admit that Jessie has stayed up later than me on more than one occasion…).  But mornings – that’s the time when I’m awake, can get things done without little …

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Dec 02

It creeps in regardless

I vowed that this year would be different.   It would’t be a repeat of last year or years before that.  But it sneaks in anyway. The kids wanted to get antlers for the car this year.  And a red nose, of course.   My car isn’t anything to brag about in the looks department, it’s …

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