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Monthly Archive: December 2013

Dec 28

Midwinters Walk

Today’s a relatively warm day (in the forties, I think) and I’ve got four kids here.  Sarah and Jessie have been holed up in her room for the past couple of days (with a brief break when the slept over at my in-laws last night), and Sam and Julianna have been together, playing and bickering. …

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Dec 26

Goodbye Christmas 2013

This wasn’t a great Christmas.  Wasn’t a great holiday season, honestly.  I took the tree down yesterday afternoon, and felt a giant weight fall off of me. I’m incredibly conflicted about the holidays, and vowing to stay the hell off the internet next year, from Thanksgiving to New Years.  At least to avoid any blog …

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Dec 21

Harmony and how to get it

It’s my goal, and I often fall short.  It occurs to me that it’s not necessarily something I can do, so falling short isn’t entirely my fault.  Harmony isn’t something one person can create – it’s dependent on a whole bunch of factors (and by factors, I mean cherubs) working together.  And because it’s so important …

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Dec 17

Little boys and guns

We have toy guns in my house.  Lots of them.  We also have daggers, swords, shields and helmets. This wasn’t what I had planned.  I grew up in a family dominated by women – my dad wasn’t around, and I had a single mom and many, many aunts.  I believed that weapons were BAD.  And …

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Dec 16

My wounded tree

My tree fell over. Twice. And at least once, my toddler toppled off the couch into it. Last night, my husband took the whole thing apart, and realized that I had not precisely put it in the tree stand the way that I should have. Okay, maybe I just shoved it in and assumed that …

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Dec 14

Repost from three years ago

It’s not easy to find a December post that isn’t angst filled over the whole December issue, but I was looking back and found this one.  I remember this night so clearly, and the feel of her little head on my shoulder.  I really don’t regret holding Julianna as much as I did when she …

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Dec 13


know I’m supposed to be all “YAY – It’s Friday!” but really, about all I can muster up this morning is just an overwhelming feeling of “Again???”  In nine minutes, I have to launch into my merry mommy routine – whereupon I smile and occasionally break into song, all while packing lunches and fishing clean …

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Dec 12

10 Fun Facts About My Life These Days

1 – We still play musical beds most nights.  The only constant is that I sleep in my bed.  Everyone else sort of rotates.  I know it’s odd, but it works for our family. 2 – We’ve moved Botulism Night (the night where I open the fridge and tell the kids to pick what they …

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Dec 10

Why do we have to hide?

I put up my tree last night.  And on Sunday, I was at a PJ event, and one of my friends confided that her kids were picking out their tree later on that afternoon.  Confided, because it’s something that is still somewhat shameful.  And while a part of me understands the secrecy, I do, there’s …

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Dec 07

10 Pregnancy Facts

1. Aimee was the one who suggested that it was possible that I might be pregnant, and I’ll never, ever forget that feeling when I looked at the calendar and realized that I actually might be.  We were in the kitchen in our old apartment on Harriman Court, and she was standing by the refrigerator.  I …

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