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Monthly Archive: February 2011

Feb 27

kind of down…

It wasn’t a great weekend.  Sadly.  It had potential, but ended up being kind of crappy all the way around.   Suffice it to say that understanding your family, the one that you were born into as opposed to the one that you are creating as an adult, is really not all that much fun.  And …

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Feb 25

So not ready…

Julianna is not nursing anywhere near as much any more.  She’s cut way down during the day, nursing really just for naps and maybe once or twice, but only for a few minutes each time.  She still nurses several times at night – and I’m not in any rush to see that end.  She’s not …

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Feb 21

Jar of marbles

Actually, it’s a little candle holder, and instead of marbles, I use those little foam letters (because I have literally thousands leftover after Jessie’s birthday party).  I read this idea somewhere, so I can’t take total credit – but I started this new policy.  Whenever I notice my kids working together, playing together nicely, being …

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Feb 21

oh, please God, not again

Yeah, that’s right – I’ve got thrush.  Again.  Julianna had her first ear infection and just finished her amoxicillin.  I had been blaming painful nursing on her biting.  But last night, it went from just a little painful into holy moly painful.  In the middle of the night, it hit me.  It’s thrush, you idiot.  …

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Feb 11

Such a verbal little girl!

She’s sitting in her walker, munching pizza and chanting over and over again “ra, ra, ra, HA.”  Like it’s some sort of song that she’s made up.  She’s getting her first little cold, and is all runny nose and crabbiness.

Feb 08

My beautiful, brilliant Jessica

At eight years old – she is passionate, dramatic, emotional, inquisitive, maternal, loving, impetuous and always, always such a blessing.  She was born on a wintery, snowy, snowy day eight years ago and from the very first moment, she has held my heart in her hands.  I’ve never before felt anything so strongly, so instantly.  I just flat out fell …

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Feb 06

happy birthday

We went to a birthday party today, for Marc’s cousin’s daughter.  It was one of those ginormous party blow up places, where the kids bounce around like lunatics for an hour and a half, and then all sit quietly and eat pizza and cupcakes.  So I was sitting across from the table with Julianna on …

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Feb 02

The day is going to come when nobody wants to go to the bathroom with me.

And I’ll be sad.  Because really, how often does someone love you enough to want to sit on the bathmat and play with the Tums bottle while you pee?   It goes by so fast.  I couldn’t pay Sam or Jessie to sit in the bathroom with me these days.  Not that I would… exactly.  But …

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