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Monthly Archive: July 2009

Jul 30


My monster boy… you are my little love bug. The first boy on your dad’s side, the one to carry on the name. You are named for my grandfather and your daddy’s great grandfather – that’s a lot of history to give to one little boy, but you seem to equipped to handle it. From …

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Jul 30

My angel girl

Jessica Mary Carruth Cohen – I named you after my mother, because I could not imagine a better mother/daughter relationship than the one that she and I share. Then I had you – and you defined love to me in a way that it had never been defined before. You were my first child, my …

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Jul 29

How you know you’re doing a good job

Being a SAHM mom is odd at times, there’s no review process, you don’t get raises or good feedback from your boss. Most of the time, I’m just rushing from one crisis to the next, hoping that I’m not screwing the kids up in the process. I read a lot about parenting, about raising a …

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Jul 28

Groggy, so very groggy

And I blame Marc entirely, although I should blame Sam, and by extension, myself. Sam likes keys, and I used to give him my house keys (I know, even typing it points out how stupid that was) and (can you see it coming?) he lost my keys. So Marc and I have one set between …

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Jul 27

Married dates

Marc and I signed up to be part of a Marriage Check Up study at Clark University – and every time we go in for a “check up,” the results are always overwhelmingly positive, we know each other inside and out, truly love each other, consider the other to be our best friend, etc. We …

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Jul 26

Transitioning from co-sleeping to a big boy bed

Could it really be that easy? I’m a hard core attachment parent in a lot of ways with Sam. He’s still nursing at over three years old, he’s been sleeping in my bed since he was four days old… and I wondered if he’d ever move out voluntarily. He got Batman sheets for his birthday, …

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Jul 24

Why I’m glad that Sam was a boy

I never planned on having a boy. Now that I’m actually a parent, I know how ridiculous that sounds. It’s not like you can pick what kind of baby you get – and if you are lucky enough to be able to conceive and carry a healthy baby, the last thing you care about is …

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Jul 23

Sunshiney delighted today

And for the oddest of reasons… I’m not pregnant. As much as I’d like to be, I’m strangely relieved that I’m not. I’m certain it will happen, if not this month, then soon. And while intellectually, I am convinced that I don’t want to prevent a pregnancy, I’m already 35, Marc is 40, Lilli will …

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Jul 22

Potty training

Jessica Mary was a VERY early talker. Very bright, could understand when she was wet and needed a change, and I really thought that potty training her would be a breeze. It was not. I had postponed starting her, because I was still working part time when she was two, and then I was pregnant, …

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Jul 20

Just to make Marc smile

(a repost from last July – with a couple of additions) Reasons I love my husband (In no particular order) – He always stops if there’s a car on the side of the road… flat tire needs to be changed, car accident, people pulling over for a rest, doesn’t matter, he stops to make sure …

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