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Monthly Archive: May 2011

May 22

Cleaning and yardwork and laundry, oh my

I’ve had a really nice weekend.  After a solid week of rainy dreary misery, the sun finally came out yesterday and it was glorious.  We’ve got a bunch of cool yard toys, chalk and bubbles and see saws and those odd little car things that the kids can ride in, and they were outside all …

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May 19

Many, many children

There’s a zone you get in, when you’re caretaker to a lot of children.  It’s less about spending quality time with any one child, and more about crowd control.  If that makes sense.  With Arie and her three staying here, plus the two I sit for on a regular basis, and the neighbors and stepchildren …

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May 17

I like eight

I think there’s a whole bunch of factors, obviously.  But seven was a tough year for us – more so for me.  I didn’t like the sassy, sarcastic side that came out, the temper tantrums were tougher, it was just a rough year overall.  But so far, being eight seems awesome.  Jess is overall much, …

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May 15

Rain. All.Week.Long

I don’t mean to complain (but since it’s my blog and all…), I’m going to anyway.  It’s pouring today – and the five day forecast shows nothing but rain.  Forever.  And with six kids here right now – the thought of not being able to ship them outside freaks me out just a little bit. …

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May 14

Chaos. Just utter chaos

Sorry I haven’t been updating lately – my cousin and her three kids (6, 2, and six months) have temporarily taken up residence at my house.  I’m used to a certain level of insanity – I do have three kids – but the past two weeks have been above and beyond anything I can describe.

May 09


I love Mother’s Day.  Mine was as close to perfect as one could imagine.  Marc woke me up with the kids bright and early with coffee and waffles in bed.  The girls left with Marc and Sammy stayed in bed to snuggle with me – which was perfect, because of all of my children, Samilicious …

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May 04

I’m not pregnant

I mean, of course, I’m not pregnant.  I’m still breastfeeding, I’ve got an IUD, and let’s be blunt, I have three small kids – I don’t have sex anywhere near as often as I’d like to. But I’m late – which, again, because of breastfeeding and the IUD, is totally normal and to be expected. …

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May 01

Julianna Ruth

Holy moly – my baby girl is a year old.  At one year, she’s bright and funny, sweet and laid back.  She says Mama (a lot), Yaya (which I think is Dada – because she says it to Marc mostly), and seems to call all the kids Baba.  Everything is a phone to her – …

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