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Monthly Archive: March 2017

Mar 21

Saturday night

Saturday night was one of those nights that I’ll look back on, years from now, and get a little weepy because it was just that perfect. Actually, this whole weekend was kind of perfect. We’ve always had Shabbat dinners with Lilli and Sarah.  And they’re EVENTS.  I make a big dinner, with chicken and a …

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Mar 15

Snow Day

I like my family. I know that seems obvious – but I love that we can get trapped in the house, no way out, and there’s no place I’d rather be.  There’s two parents here, so if the kids start to get crazy, we can divide and conquer.  The kids are, in and of themselves, …

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Mar 12


Why don’t they get along? I don’t remember fighting with my sister.  I just don’t.  What I do distinctly remember is my mother saying that she never fought with her siblings the way that my siblings and I fought – and hating it.  So I won’t say that to my girls. But I will admit …

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