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Monthly Archive: May 2012

May 30

Lessons I’ve Learned This School Year

1.  Sam is really, really specific about certain things.  Being late for school makes him nuts.  Having more than two things to eat in his lunch box really bothers him.  These are two things that don’t phase his sister at all, she’d happily stroll into school late every day, and likes to have a zillion …

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May 26

Daddy knows best

Sammy got teased yesterday. From what I can put together based on his account and the one from his Jordyn (who was over yesterday afternoon), he had tripped in gym class and cried because he was hurt, and two of the boys in his class called him a baby. The full story didn’t come out …

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May 25

Conversion discussion

My synagogue is having a late night discussion panel for the holiday of Shavuot on Saturday night.  Traditionally, this is a holiday that’s always had a lot of meaning for Marc and I (http://www.musingsofawritermom.blogspot.com/2010/03/ive-got-it-i-figured-out-her-name.html), because it’s when the Book of Ruth is read.  Ruth is one of the more famous converts to Judaism, and that’s the topic …

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May 23

It’s Working

Raising children is sort of like a job that’s never actually done.  It’s rare that you can see tangible results, similar to doing laundry or vacuuming or dishes.  By the time I get it done, it’s ready to be done again.  But that’s another post… Milestones, once your baby reaches toddlerhood, are not as pronounced.  Not as …

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May 20

Open Letter to My Children’s Teachers

I have two children in school, and there is a part of me that envies you. You have the time with my children that I don’t. You see them in ways that I can’t, you see them without me. In many ways, you see a side of them that I’ll never see, the person they …

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May 15

I need my Yaya RIGHT NOW

I’m possessive about my kids. And I was raised by a single mother, so my default on how to parent is to do it all myself. With each child, I’ve gotten progressively better about sharing. With Jessica, I was just so in love with her, so in love with being her mother that I wanted …

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May 10

Time Magazine

I think the picture on the front of the Time Magazine this week was deliberately chosen to be provocative and controversial. That being said – while I tend to shy away from being controversial for the sake of controversy – I was that woman two years ago. I’m about a year away from being that …

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May 08

Two years olds are my favorite

Not really – I think my all time favorite is those first few weeks home with a new baby.  And there’s a LOT to be said for nine year olds and five year olds – Jessie and Sam are both growing up so much and each age is fascinating in it’s own right.  But the …

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May 07

Purgatory Chasm

Okay, I love baby wearing. I do. I wore Julianna all the time when she was tiny, but now that’s she’s a toddler, it’s VERY rare that she’ll sit in a carriage, let alone sit in a sling or a backpack. So I got out of the habit of bringing the carrier with me, and …

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May 03

Why we aren’t doing summer camp

My kids don’t like summer camp. To be fair, they don’t like school either, but I make them go to that. But I can’t bring myself to do it in the summer. I like summer just the way it is. Three glorious months when I don’t have to worry about lunch boxes and which day …

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