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Monthly Archive: November 2020

Nov 29

Thanksgiving Weekend

And so it happened. Thanksgiving 2020. It wasn’t all that I had hoped it would be, but it wasn’t as bad as I feared it would be either. I still missed my mom, my sister, my cousin, my aunt. I missed the traditions we’d built up over the past thirty years. But I did learn …

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Nov 26

Lessons Learned after 5 months of quarantine

(Just realized I never posted this – and we’re about eight months into it…) We truly have become a family of introverts. Whenever we spend too much time together, everyone splits up into separate rooms and we don’t talk. For hours. Nobody ever does laundry except for me. I don’t know why. Everyone will do …

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Nov 24

Thanksgiving 2020

It’s 2020. Of course it’s not going to be a normal Thanksgiving. But it’s still Thanksgiving, which means that there will be drama. Always with the drama. I don’t like to focus on it, and I’m always a little impatient with people who blithely claim to be an empath and thus are unable to handle …

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Nov 15

The Harvard Trip

I took the girls down to my mother’s today, and we went to Harvard, MA. My great grandparents grew up there, and my mother drove us all over the place, looking at houses where she had played as a little girl, roads she had biked on a teenager, and the cemetery where my great grandparents …

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Nov 10


For what it’s worth – I’ve always thought that bemused is a perfect meld of befuddled and amused. Which is what I am right now. It’s 4:08 on a Tuesday afternoon… and I’m alone. Each kid is sequestered in their bedrooms (okay, Julie is in my room) and using some sort of electronic device. It’s …

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Nov 09

Covid – November Edition

The coronavirus is still here, and appears to be taking over the country. To say that I’m relieved that Biden was elected is ridiculously understating it – there’s a weight that’s been lifted. Donald Trump was simply… beyond description, and I’m profoundly grateful that he was ousted. I’m also really hoping that the language around …

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