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Monthly Archive: February 2015

Feb 26

Stolen moments

It’s one of those days, when I’ve got myself booked for every single minute of the day, and there are still things on my list that aren’t going to get done.  But even though life is busy, there are still so many moments I want to remember, to capture, to think about a little bit …

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Feb 25

God bless the snow removers

Winter driving isn’t my thing.  To be perfectly honest, driving in general isn’t my thing.  I can drive, and I’m not BAD at it exactly.  But I don’t enjoy it on a good day, and would always rather be in the passenger seat, a to-go cup of coffee in my hand and no responsibilities other …

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Feb 20

February Vacation 2015

Ah – February vacatioh.  It’s my least favorite of the vacations – the winter one is lovely.  It comes at the end of a busy holiday season, everyone’s got fun, new stuff to do, read and play with after Christmas and Hanukkah.  The April vacation comes just as spring is starting, the snow is melting …

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Feb 15

Another day, another blizzard

Because it wouldn’t be a weekend without my obligatory “I hate the snow” post – here you go. On the upside, it’s the start of February vacation (because the nine or ten snow days the kids have had so far apparently isn’t enough), so I don’t have to worry about driving them anywhere.  And we’re …

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Feb 14

Happy Valentine’s Day

I never planned on getting married.  I didn’t think it was real – the idea of  lasting love between two adults.  I didn’t think you could build a life with someone, not really.  In the end, we were all alone, and the important thing was to be able to take care of yourself, emotionally, financially. …

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Feb 09

My kids probably won’t be at school tomorrow

I was in an accident on Friday.  I haven’t blogged about it yet, mainly because it was the single most terrifying thing that I’ve ever had happen to me.  I wasn’t injured, and neither was my car.  But the man who got dragged alongside the car as the flatbed and my subaru careened down my …

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Feb 05

How many kids do you have again?

It’s a question I never know how to answer. I’ve given birth three times.  I have three children with beds in my home, three children that I do everything for.  Three kids that I buy clothes for, that I feed and make sure they brush their teeth.  Three kids that I attend parent/teacher conferences for, …

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Feb 04

Good Samaritans

I hate driving in the snow. I just do – and I hate it extra because I live in Worcester. I’m not certain if Worcester roads are worse than all the surrounding towns, or if it just feels that way. It took me two hours to drop my oldest two off at school today. They …

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Feb 03

Julie and Mary…. Poppins, that is

Julie’s not a movie sort of kid.  Actually, none of mine are.  Which clearly comes from me, because Marc has been known to wax poetically about movies he’s seen in the past, movies he’s missed out on seeing and fantasize about movies he’s like to see.  I don’t like movies, so I’ve never really made …

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Feb 01

Another day, another storm

I’ve lived in New England all my life, so it’s not like I’m not used to snow.  But this winter has been particularly calm – with what felt like very little actual snow.   Until my birthday weekend, when all hell broke loose.  It’s been storm after storm, and the last one dumped about three …

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