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Monthly Archive: December 2022

Dec 31

New Years Eve

Not my favorite holiday – although not my least favorite holiday. It almost seems like one I don’t particularly celebrate. Other than the book lists – I’ve been happily jotting down all the book recommendations. It’s a quiet morning today – all three kids are still asleep. I slept in until almost eight, which is …

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Dec 15

Emotional Muscle Memory

For years, every February, April and July, I’d want another baby. I’d find myself dreaming about infants, thinking about how we’d fit another car seat in the car. I realized that on some level, my body, my emotions, remembered being in that state. Being nine months pregnant and so ready to hold my baby. It’s …

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Dec 06

Another concussion

My poor Julie was in the backseat of Marc’s car when it got clobbered by a sleeping driver. The car is totalled, my daughter has whiplash and a concussion. There are so many complications with this – I can’t even process them all. First of all – Julie is hurt. She’s got a concussion, and …

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